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Relief Of Organ Disease, Eye Problems

Internet – Wysong Only Cure For Eye Problems

“I felt compelled to write to you regarding your dry cat food. I have an 8-year old Siamese cat who has had eye problems (runny, squinting, tearing) since she was 4 months old at adoption. I have taken her to several vets including an ophthalmologist who specialize in cats. Every treatment failed and I just felt that she would have to live the rest of her life with this unknown disorder. Four months ago my sister suggested I feed her Wysong pet food. After having her on the food for two months her eye problem totally disappeared!! Not only that but her energy has been restored and she once again plays like a kitten. My vet examined her and was completely stunned (naturally a nutritional change was never mentioned to me). I have all 3 of my cats on Wysong and I cannot possible tell you how wonderful I think your food is. I thought that I was feeding my cats the best while using another brand not realizing that it was almost as poor as any other commercial diet. Your food has given my cat back her life – through nutrition – what was I thinking all of these years?! Thank you…I have become your biggest fan.”

Florida – Prevents Tear Stains

“I love your products. They do wonders for my dogs’ eyes. My dogs are white and only Wysong™ will not cause them to stain their coat. I try to tell everyone I know about you.”

Ohio – Dogs Eye Heals, Has Fewer Seizures When Switched To Wysong

"Dudley started having seizures about 6 weeks after going off the Wysong diet. The distributor for our area stopped carrying Wysong and we were told that Perform was ‘the same’ and Hills™ and others were ‘just as good.’ Sometime in the middle of all this we also tried Perform and Pro Plan, but the seizures continued, sometimes a month or so apart and sometimes less than a week apart depending upon which diet he was on. He was also very lethargic, would never play or run and we had to call the vet because of occasional bouts of unexplained lameness. There were a couple of times that he was in so much pain that my husband had to carry him outside because he wasn’t able to walk. A few months after the seizures started he also developed chronic corneal erosion (bullous keratopathy) in his left eye. After many trips to a specialist, much medication and three surgical keratectomy procedures, there was no evidence of any healing. We were told that it was a metabolic disorder and that it could take months or longer to heal. For about 3 months, Dudley was in pain, the ulcer continued to get larger, the eye was usually closed and the seizures continued on and off. That’s when I finally called you guys. Dudley has only had one seizure since his change back to Wysong and his eye magically started healing 5 days after being switched back to Wysong. He no longer has those mysterious bouts of lameness and is frisky and eager to play with us and our other dog. The vet was amazed, to say the least."

Internet – Dog Enjoys Wysong Food

"Just wanted to let you know that my dog loves your food. I have been so pleased. He goes over to his bowl and licks it the next day even! He has been on several foods and after that initial excitement about a new food, he could barely care, leaving eating dinner until late at night. Now he asks for your food and eats right away or within the hour. Also, I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it, but it seems the stains by his eyes are getting better. No kidding. Just wanted to say thank you very much!