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Relief Of Organ Disease, Cardiovascular/Heart

E-Mail – Dog With Heartworm Improves Greatly

“About 4 months ago my husband and I adopted a retiring police canine (a Belgian Malinois) who was about to be euthanized, as she had contracted heartworm disease which was left untreated for more than a year. Her officer had been fired, and no one else on that department was trained to work with her. Although Tasha was only 3 1/2 years old, she was not wanted by any other department due to the high cost of treating the heartworm disease and possible long-term effects on her heart and overall health.

When we took Tasha, her coat was dull, she was underweight, she was very restless, and her eyes were clouded over with a white filmy look. (We feared she was going blind!) The heartworm disease had left her unable to run or play without getting out of breath. I contacted a respected dog trainer in my town and told her I wanted to get my hands on the best dog food possible to help rebuild Tasha's strength while she underwent the treatment for heartworm disease. She immediately recommended that I feed Tasha the Wysong Performance food and helped me obtain it. This is the only dog food I have given Tasha.

Four months later, I cannot believe what a beautiful animal Tasha has become. Her fur is sleek and lustrous. Her eyes are bright, shiny and clear. She is calm and attentive.  When she runs to retrieve a ball, I can actually see the muscles rippling in her legs and chest. Our goal was to help her gain some weight and I can see that she has gained muscle as opposed to unhealthy fat. I firmly believe the good nutrition was largely responsible for her good outcome with the heartworm treatment.

I felt compelled to share our story with you in the hopes that you would know what a difference you are making in the lives of pets and their owners.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.”

E-Mail – Dogs Health Problems Vastly Improved on Wysong

“My oldest Lhasa Apso was diagnosed by my vet in MI with a heart murmur. He was listless, lethargic, and not himself, age 11-12 years old at the time. I have three dogs: two Lhasa Apso's ages 13, 15, and my Shih Tzu, age 11. It was suggested to me to try Anergen™ food by Wysong. Also, my three dogs have allergies. I changed food to Anergen™ - what a difference in three months. My older dog’s heart murmur went down to a 3 from a 6 - he came back to life! All three dogs loved the food!  Recently, my two dogs seem tired of Anergen™, so a Wysong representative suggested Synorgon™ dry food and canned Turkey Aus Jus™. The can food smells like turkey dinner and my three dogs gobble it up! They love the newer Wysong food. With Wysong food their blood counts are good for aging dogs and they look and feel better complimented by excellent food. Thanks Wysong - you brought my older dog back to life!  He is age 15 to turn 16 in November with a zeal for life…Quality of food and manufacturing of food are huge safety issues and I am glad Wysong is on the front line to protect our beloved animals!  THANKS  WYSONG…”

E-Mail – Archetype Burgers™ Save Dog’s Life

“…A woman in a group I belong to has been feeding her dog Wysong Burgers for the past 3 years - and that alone - because the diet her poor dog was on nearly killed him - he has diabetes, Cushing’s, high blood pressure, cataracts and corneal ulcers and some of the meds gave him dental issues as well. She said the burgers turned his life completely around...although he is ill, he is now 13.5 years old, and 17 pounds and when he was nearly dying, he had gone down to 9 pounds and they were going to put him to sleep. I know that is all she feeds him with perhaps a snack of salad or chickpeas in the afternoon. She wouldn't dream of giving him anything else.” 

E-Mail – Wysong Helps Cat Wean Off Of Medications

“Wow! Thank you so much for your time and research on Brando's behalf!!! I've been talking WYSONG up all over the place since I first started Brando on VITALITY™...and then all the other good we've added, but more recently I have really intensified that "word of mouth"! So thanks for the care and the resource...I know it is possible to get Brando's body back to that natural healthy state...and slowly get him off the many meds. I talked to his cardiologist yesterday...we are already going to start weaning off a couple of the meds right away, and I will see her and also a DIABETES SPECIALIST at the ANIMAL CARE CENTER (Rohnert Park, CA) in about 2 weeks…I really love the WYSONG approach and special ways of prepping the many types of food products. I knew I would be continuing a NEW DIET/ADJUSTMENTS with Wysong sooner than later anyway. I just didn't want to waste any time finding another VET to answer diet questions...when I have been all over the Internet reading and reading and kind of instinctively know I am on the right track with you guys and some of the other supplements! Look, I'm a starving actor these days (last big gig was playing Ashley Judd's boyfriend in "TWISTED" - thank God and the Screen Actors Guild for residuals!!!!)...I digress. But I feed my cats before I eat! They are my children...or soulmates...familiars...whatever you want to compare to, so I spare no expense...and am completely devoted to them! I rescued them both from a bad roommate in LA...and moved back up here to the bay area where they live in paradise! Hey! I just bought a new truck with air conditioning so that Brando is comfortable on his monthly rides to the cardiologist!!!! He's not allowed to drive though…Okay...I'm out for now, I'll order later...and am trying to get my Vet up to speed with the specific RX DIETS. I think it's as important that they know the nutrition as much as the drugs! I'm working that angle!!!…Huge THANKS AGAIN!

E-Mail – Cardiomyopathy Symptoms Disappear

"My Blue Point Siamese was diagnosed with cancer. I went online and researched every possible cure and every possible prevention. I ordered four books on natural health care for cats and dogs. "Wysong" kept coming up over and over and over again. I am in agreement with your philosophy. If only practicing veterinarians would educate themselves in the area of nutrition and what really keeps our companion animals strong and healthy. I have two other Siamese cats and one Domestic Short Hair. They all love Wysong. The Domestic Short Hair is eleven years old and was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy this past June. He gets heart medication every day mixed with his food, but since I switched to Wysong, his symptoms are all but gone and he acts like a much younger cat. The new food I am trying is the Free-Range Pheasant. I like the idea that it has the cold processed pheasant along with the kibbles. Thanks for such great things!!"

E-Mail – Cat’s Heart Condition Quickly Improves on Wysong

“Hey there! My cats BOWIE and BRANDO can't type real well...though they are good at the "keyboard hip hop dancin"...but they want to thank you for some awesome new "VITALITY™", "DOCTOR'S DREAM TREATS™"...and soon (cause I just placed another order...) F-BIOTIC™ and DENTATREAT™! Brando was diagnosed with a cardiomyopathy back in Sept '06...and between the nutritional changes, some meds...lots of love and attention, his cardiologist here says she has never seen such a fast turn around and can't really explain what or why! I switched to VITALITY™ immediately...got him on SALMON OIL, added taurine, COQ-10 and since it's too dangerous to have his teeth cleaned I wanted to find something that would help and he and his brother love the DREAM TREATS™! I won't write our whole story here...but I know that the nutritional wisdom is so part of his healing heart! I am impressed with your products, your company and your philosophy. I am passing Wysong on to my Sister and her animals too...as well as friends…”