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Letter – DentaTreat™ A Miracle Product

“I’m writing to thank you for your DentaTreat™ food supplement for pets. My daughters and I have 2 pets, including a German Shepherd (who looks just like the dog in the Canadian TV show “The Littlest Hobo”). Sugar (the Shepherd) will be 12 years old soon, and has the teeth of a 2 year old. Although the big dog would allow me to brush her teeth, this is much easier – just sprinkle on her food twice a day. The small dog, Sprite, is ½ Chihuahua and ½ Pekinese, which leaves her looking like a pug puppy, because she has the pushed in nose and curly tail of the Peke. This dog went crazy when we tried to brush her teeth, but loves the DentaTreat™ in her food. Although we’ve only been using your product for a few months, Sprite’s teeth have improved noticeably too. And the dentist for dogs at our vet was going to charge us $400 for a teeth scaling and scraping under anesthesia, which is dangerous because she weighs less than 10 pounds. And now her teeth are much less grungy and her breath has improved 100%...Thank you for a product that works miracles. My friends with pets (I’m told cats don’t appreciate having their teeth cleaned either), say it works just as well with cats. I am happy to recommend your product to my friends and family.”

E-Mail – Fantastic Results With DentaTreat™

“I've used two 3 oz. bottles of DentaTreat™ for my dog...with more than expected fantastic results! Brown tarter is reduced by 2/3's and red gum line almost gone!”

E-Mail – Cat Love DentaTreat™, Owner Enjoys Website

“I think your site is a masterpiece!  I send your site address to my friends, even to those who have no pets.

I get the feeling that your organization is very passion driven and it is always a great pleasure for me to interact with people who love what they do with passion.

My cat Claudia loves your DentaTreat™ on her kibbles.

Thank you for all your great work.”

E-Mail – Clears Up Bad Breath

“I just had to let you know, I just bought this [DentaTreat™] for my Yellow English Lab, Max. He had REALLY stinky breath and now he doesn't! This product really works. Thank you.”

Facebook Comment – DentaTreat Helps With Tartar

My babies use two of their products - DentaTreat™ & Call of the Wild™. DentaTreat™ is the only product I have found that helps with tartar!”

E-Mail – Dog Loves DentaTreat™

“We received the DentaTreat™. Thank you! Max doesn't seem to dislike it! This is amazing because he usually favors chicken and hamburger!”

E-Mail – DentaTreat™ Clears Gingivitis

“Your DentaTreat™ product has made a vast improvement in my cats’ gingivitis.”

E-Mail – DentaTreat™ Works!

“I have a 7-year-old Lab mix who had some serious tarter on one canine tooth.  About 6 weeks ago I started applying your DentaTreat™ topically with a toothbrush – as of last night…ALL GONE!!!  I have told my vet who is hopefully going to recommend it as well…thanks for a great product that is easy, affordable, natural and WORKS!!”

E-Mail – Raw Meaty Bones Best For Teeth Health/Myth of “Complete and Balanced” Diet

“…I took my Maine Coon kitten, recently imported from Australia, to a veterinarian for suspected ringworm. She's 5 months old.  When asked the inevitable, "What do you feed her?” I replied, "Raw chicken wings, beef heart cubes, raw meaty bones, and Wysong Nurture with Free Range Pheasant™." "Well", she said, "cats are obligate carnivores, so you must feed them a complete and balanced cat food. Don't even try to make a homemade diet, because it won't be complete and balanced. Cats need some 40 different nutrients daily, and you won't be able to supply all of them." I just smiled and struggled not to laugh out loud. 


When a sentence begins with "Cats are obligate carnivores", one expects "meat" to enter somewhere into the remainder of the sentence. But no. Even my daughter, who is not as fanatical as I am, had to laugh. I am sure the vet did not realize how comical her statement was. It's tragic, not comic, that veterinarians are blind to the obvious solution for epidemic dental disease and all the poor health outcomes that ensue. It is tragic that vets actively undermine their clients' better sense.


What I know is that my 10 Labradors have white teeth, healthy gums, and great vigor. The itchy skin, inflamed ears, and "allergy" issues disappeared 7 years ago, thanks to Dr. Woodley, when I switched to a raw meat-raw food diet. With the addition of Wysong foods to their raw-meaty-bones diet, no problems have returned...   

My litter of six 6-week old Lab puppies is chewing up chicken wings and large beef heart pieces like pros. At 3 weeks, they began feedings with minced beef, yogurt, raw eggs, and Wysong Nurture with Pheasant™ and graduated to raw meaty bones with some yogurt, eggs, and Wysong Growth™ at 5 weeks. My big task will be to convince their new owners to continue a raw-meaty-bones diet, when nearly all of the vets in Hawaii are dead set against it.”

E-Mail – DentaTreat™ Works!

“When I discovered your DentaTreat™ product, I was amazed at the results. My little guy's teeth were practically glowing in the dark!”

E-Mail – Very Happy With DentaTreat™

“This is an extremely wonderful natural product. It has helped my dog’s teeth and breath so much that I will always use it forever! Just wonderful stuff. Very happy with your DentaTreat™ for my dogs.”

E-Mail – Tech Suggestions Very Helpful

“Thank you so much for opening my eyes by your great suggestions. It hit me across the head like a giant tiger paw: "Hey, mom!  We are little tigers!  Why are you trying to buy supplements to help us digest this dead, nasty, old, convenient (for you) dry kibble, when that's not the kind of stuff God meant for us to eat!"

And, I also had a great "Duh......I knew that!" moment when the topic of soft food vs. kibble and/or something like "dog bones" (i.e. "Milk Bones") came up. It's the very thing I gripe at my kids about!  "You eat all those carbs before bed and don't brush; you are just making all the bugs in your mouth happy by feeding them!" Why should an animal's teeth be any different? I have a wonderful 145 lb. gentle giant of a dog that loves for me to brush his teeth........I dunno about an 8-12 week kitten!  I'm taking your suggestion and ordering some of the DentaTreat™…”

E-Mail – Greyhounds Doing Great on DentaTreat™

“To the genius makers of Wysong DentaTreat™:

I wanted to let you know that I think I've started a rage in the Greyhound community with your product. Greyhounds have notoriously bad teeth, and, like most dogs, don't have great breath either. I decided to try DT for my girls when I first saw it at our local pet store. In less than two weeks, we noticed a remarkable difference in our girls' breath and teeth. Tartar disappeared after one brushing and teeth were turning pearly white. It is a true miracle product and has now prevented the need for a professional dental cleaning. It's so nice to find a natural product that works so wonderfully! 

I'm sending you two links so that you can see that I posted a rave on two Greyhound community forums about your product and now others are on the DT Bandwagon!  :-) 




Thanks again for making such a great product!  You certainly have some new Greyhound followers!”

E-Mail – DentaTreat™ Saves Dog’s Life

“We have two crazy Labrador Retrievers. One of them, Tucker, was saved by your DentaTreat™ product. His gingivitis was so bad that he wouldn't eat without substantial coaxing. (Hard to believe a LAB needing coaxing, isn't it?). Within a week of using DentaTreat™, he was back to wolfing down his dinner within seconds and his gums were almost completely free of redness!”

E-Mail – Archetype Burgers™ Save Dog’s Life

“…A woman in a group I belong to has been feeding her dog Wysong Burgers for the past 3 years - and that alone - because the diet her poor dog was on nearly killed him - he has diabetes, Cushing’s, high blood pressure, cataracts and corneal ulcers and some of the meds gave him dental issues as well.  She said the burgers turned his life completely around...although he is ill, he is now 13.5 years old, and 17 pounds and when he was nearly dying, he had gone down to 9 pounds and they were going to put him to sleep. I know that is all she feeds him with perhaps a snack of salad or chickpeas in the afternoon. She wouldn't dream of giving him anything else.” 

Internet – DentaTreat™ Is Truly Amazing

“My dog had a really smelly mouth and requires yearly dental cleaning. She hates to have me clean her teeth and over the years I have tried many products to help clean her teeth but none have really made a difference. She is now 14 years old and I worry about anesthetic in such an elderly dog. A local pet store recommended DentaTreat™ to me a few months ago and I have to say that this product is truly amazing. Her mouth no longer smells and she actually loves this powder sprinkled on all her food. She, like many small breeds, had abundant strep mutans bacteria in her mouth and this product seems to have eliminated the problem for her.”

E-Mail – DentaTreat™ The Best Product

“Just wanted to let you know that this is the best product. My dog’s teeth went from the worst to being all cleaned up!”

E-Mail – DentaTreat Works!

“I have ordered the Wysong DentaTreat™ for my dog, and it works!!!”

Phone – DentaTreat™ Makes A Difference

"We have been purchasing the DentaTreat™ for our dog and what a difference it has made. Thank You!"

Internet – Wonderful Results With DentaTreat™

"I have been using your DentaTreat™ on my two Shelties age 11 yrs & 2 yrs old since 4/2005 with wonderful results :)"

Florida – Teeth Are Cleaner On Wysong

"Your food is fantastic. Their teeth are so much cleaner now. Everything is great."

Pennsylvania – Better Teeth Another Benefit Of Wysong Diets

"Another probable benefit of Wysong is better teeth. I have noticed that his teeth are looking very good. I have always brushed them, however, in the last few weeks, there is not tartar buildup and they look considerably cleaner. Actually, they look wonderful. He continues to do very well. His ears are cool and without any irritation. His eyes do not have the usual discharge. I wish I had tried Wysong years ago. It would have saved Nigel a lot of discomfort and us a lot of money and worry."

Phone call – DentaTreat™ Works

“I have been using DentaTreat™ on my dogs’ teeth for 2 weeks and now they are completely white. My vet was skeptical, but I tried it anyway. Thank you.”

Internet – Pleased With DentaTreat™

“Just want to let you know how pleased I am with Wysong’s DentaTreat™.  I have used it for almost a year to brush my dogs’ teeth and I can really see an improvement.”

Email – Bad Breath Eliminated By DentaTreat™

“LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! I purchased a small bottle of the DENTATREAT™ for my 70lb. Border Collie Mix a couple weeks ago from a local PET FOOD EXPRESS store. My dog's breath was horrible. I took him to his Vet. He has no bad teeth. They're all clean (I do brush them). He receives no human food (except for apple slices and broccoli)...no meat or other foods. He also has no stomach issues, which could cause bad breath. A clean bill of health from the Vet. I don't waste time on many available things for my pets. This is what I LOVE about PET FOOD EXPRESS. They know me and my dog. I went in and asked the manager, what is the best remedy for Bunker's (my dog's) bad breath. He pointed out three items, but told me that the Wysong is what he feeds to his little dog and it works. I bought a small bottle (first) to see if it works for Bunker...and it does. His bad breath has been eliminated by 90%!!…My Vet (whom I have total faith in) said the Wysong DENTATREAT™ is what he would recommend too…This is the first Wysong product I've given to any of my animals. Now that I've done research on your company, that will likely change to include more of your products. As you can tell, I'm pretty fanatical about my pets’ care and health. I've been blessed with long-living pets.”

E-Mail – Cat’s Gingivitis Clears Up

“…And perhaps the best testimonial is that the calico, Babi, has gone from terrible gingivitis to not a sign of it in just 2 months. I have been feeding Wysong Synorgon™, and Vitality™ along with integrating Archetype™, and canned Au Jus™…”

E-Mail – DentaTreat™ Improves Gums and Breath For Cat

“We live in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada and I just had to let you know about your DentaTreat™ powder for Cats. We had ours to the vet for his routine shots and were told by our vet that his teeth were in dire need of cleaning and that he had swollen and bleeding gums, we were shocked to say the least and even more shocked to learn that it would be between $400 and $500 to have his teeth cleaned. We went to our pet store to see what the alternatives were and the owner told us about DentaTreat™ and after using it for 6 weeks, it has made all the difference, his gums have cleared up and are not swollen and his breath is much better, I cant believe the difference it has made, the gingivitis is there but even that looks better too…I just had to let you know that your product is amazing and we have just bought our second bottle for our cat. Please don’t stop making this wonder drug, or my cat will be upset and not to mention sore (lol). Keep up the great work!!!!!!”