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Relief Of Organ Disease, Urinary Tract Infections

E-Mail – Biotic pH-™ Saves Lives

“I've been a loyal Wysong retailer. I honestly believe that the Wysong Biotic pH- has saved my Eddie cat's life and several of my customers’ cats’/dogs’ lives and I thank you!”

E-Mail – Impressed With Wysong

“I am very impressed that Wysong provides this kind of service. You're a great company--all my cats think so too because they all have urinary problems and love your Uretic™ dry food.”

E-Mail – Believer in Wysong

“…Joe is already on Uretic™ and I am thrilled…I had been told to give him Science Diet CD and the ingredients are horrid. I hope it didn’t harm him. I will be with Wysong from now on. Heck, I wish I could SELL it for you. I'm a believer. Thank you!”

Facebook – Cystitis Problem Resolved

"UnCanny™" is the most fantastic food; my 2.5-year-old Ragdoll just ADORES it and, together with various Wysong supplements and Archetype Burgers™, we were able to correct a very long-standing idiopathic cystitis problem (when nothing else helped, even 5 different vet-prescribed medicines!).

E-Mail – Uretic™ Helps Cat

“We have a Siamese Snowshoe, eight years old by the name of Felix. He is a beautiful, healthy cat, and got over his UTI, as we are feeding him the Uretic™ food. We have to travel to Colorado to buy it, but it is well worth the trouble. We love your products!!”

E-Mail – Cat Loves Uretic™

“I just want to say ‘THANK YOU’ for variety of samples! My cat diagnosed urolithiasis two months after we switched to Blue brand food. I could not believe there is a pet food for her condition other than from vet. She is a finicky eater and I had hard times to have her eat food from vet, but oh boy, she literally dove into your sample ‘URETIC™’
(she loved other samples too). Thank you very very much again for your generous samples.”

E-Mail – Recommendations Help Dog

“I want to thank you for your help with Kissy. She had a urine test yesterday, and it was clean. Because it takes a while to get her used to your food, I cooked chicken and chicken liver, gizzards, and hearts. And started her on the human food dressed with small amounts of Archetype™, and the Vegan™. Then I top it off with your Biotic pH-™.”

E-Mail – Wysong Helps Pets

“…I also have an elderly cat Ginger who is 14 and suffers from UTI issues and last year when this started we were referred to use your Uretic™ dry cat food along with her wet food, which I add UTI Free from Native Remedies. I feed her wet food twice daily with that holistic additive and then keep the dry Uretic Wysong out for her in between. She loves it and since changing her diet she has had no reoccurrences of UTI…We also have my son's 15-year-old dog Katie, and she was fragile when my son brought her to us, but I have changed her diet to Wysong dry and have been also giving her various types of wet food that is also holistic/natural or I cook human food for her, and she has become a puppy again. Wysong is my choice of food for all of our pets…”

Facebook Posting: Cat Adores UnCanny™, and Products Correct Cystitis

"UnCanny™ is the most fantastic food; my 2.5-year-old Ragdoll just ADORES it and, together with various Wysong supplements and Archetype Burgers™, we were able to correct a very long-standing idiopathic cystitis problem (when nothing else helped, even 5 different vet-prescribed medicines!).”

E-Mail – Cat’s Urinary Problems Resolved on Wysong

“I would like everyone to know that I trust in the Wysong brand and the products they offer. I am a strong believer in good nutrition for myself and my pets. I have two male cats, one which has a condition where he develops stones (mineral deposits of some sort) in his bladder, preventing him from being able to pee in serious cases. I found this to be due from stress, such as being kenneled, or from eating dry food (or perhaps the wrong kinds of dry food). Needless to say, I came across Wysong when doing a search to help ease my cat's symptoms. Since I have used your products for almost two years, my cat has only had one episode (and I believe it was due to stress from being kenneled, or he was not fed correctly per my instructions). Before using Wysong, he had been hospitalized and had catheters placed in him on numerous occasions. He also had bladder surgery and IVs stuck in him.

Now Felix is as healthy as can be, and I rarely worry about him anymore. I refrain him from eating dry food except in small amounts and on very seldom occasions. He does, however, eat
Dr.'s Dream Treats™ once a day a few times a week to maintain healthy teeth. I have him on the canned wet food, Geriatrx™ brand daily. He eats a little over a can each day in several small meals. In addition, I give him UnCanny™ raw food (Chicken & Yogurt), about half a packet every other day for variety. All of these are Wysong products, and I believe this, along with fresh water, sunshine and plenty of attention have kept him healthy. Thank you Wysong staff for helping me choose which foods to give to my pet AND for saving his life!”

E-Mail – Uretic™ Helps Cats

“Greetings. I hope this email finds your week off to a magnificent start! I have been delighted in buying Wysong products for years and years. It is a superior cat food line and I believe actually saved my cats from poor health. I have 3 cats in my family and two had serious problems with cysts and having had to be rushed to emergency vets before I found your Uretic™ dry food. I always recommend Wysong to everyone from store managers to fellow artists, to vets and friends…I will always admire your company's superior superb products…” 

Letter – Best Food For Urinary Problems

“Thank you for your wonderful product. It has proved to be the best food I found for the urinary problems of my cat.”

E-Mail – Impressed With Wysong

“I am very impressed that Wysong provides this kind of service. You're a great company--all my cats think so too because they all have urinary problems and love your Uretic™ dry food.”

E-Mail – Cats Doing Really Well On Uretic™

“Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it. I just wanted to tell you about my experience with the Feline Uretic™ food. I have 3 cats in total--- 2 of them are males who are neutered. I adopted one of them when I was on my animal shelter externship in Tampa in March. Both of my boys turned out to have FLUTD, which are aggravated by different things. One of the key tip offs for my 5 year old is stress and dry food. I switched him to all canned food last Nov when this happened, because a factor thought to contribute to FLUTD is when they don't drink enough water. Anyway, I tried to put him back on dry food along with the canned food, but he kept having blocking issues. So then I realized that I had some Feline Uretic™ and I have been using that for the past 2 weeks or so along with canned food, and both of my boys are doing REALLY well on the Uretic™. :-) No more blocking at all. So it does work! I just wanted to let you know... Wysong food is GREAT! Thank you for all of your help that you always give me.”

E-Mail – Glad To Have Found Biotic pH-™

“I'm so glad to have found this supplement as now I don't have to feed my dogs a diet of unsuitable veterinary prescribed food (aka Royal Canin S/O).”

E-Mail – Uretic™ Helps Cat With Urinary and Weight Problems

“Our cat Maja, who is 11 years old, was not eating well and she was losing weight. She was also having some challenges with urination. We had tried various brands and diets to no avail. Maja also had visited the veterinarian, which for this kind of problem is no picnic for the cat. After reading your package at the pet store, and doing some web research, we switched her to Wysong Uretic™.  

Initially, she did not just jump in there and start eating Wysong. That was interesting for us as with some competing brands she dived right in and voraciously ate for 1 or 2 days only to stop eating a week later. With Wysong, Maja picked around her dish without eating much for 2 or 3 days, but after about day 3 she was hooked. Now we see her at her food dish all the time and for the 1st time in months she is completely emptying her food dish. What a difference during even the first 3 weeks! She loves Wysong Uretic™.  

Now we are four months into Wysong. Maja's weight is back up. Her urination is proper and she is having normal bowel movements. Maja's energy level is back up to where it should be, she is joining in family activities and back to her normal self. Thanks for making such a great product!”

E-Mail – Thank You For Biotic pH+™

“I wanted to say thank you for creating a product that helps keep the dog’s pH alkaline and deals with digestive enzymes at the same time. Your Biotic pH+™ product is absolutely amazing.”

E-Mail – Wysong Helps Cat Urinary Symptoms 

“…Thank you for continuing to provide good nutrition for our pets. Our cat who passed had urinary problems, but after I switched him to your diet, he was free of symptoms.” 

E-Mail – Uretic™ Ingredients Better Than “Vet” Diet

“Thank you, Wysong, for creating a great dry cat food that doesn't require a prescription. My cat, Molly, was 2 years old when I adopted her. She is an emotional wreck (and an indoor kitty), even though she is 8 years old now. She has a tendency toward having urinary tract infections. She is absolutely traumatized when I have to take her to the vet in order to get antibiotics for an infection if I try to feed her something other than the CD, or because I have to renew a prescription for Hill's Science Diet CD. I have researched your food and, as I told family after researching the Uretic™ ingredients, it is so healthy I may start eating it myself!”

E-Mail – Wysong Products Relieve Urinary Problems for Cat

“My male cat developed urinary problems and I was giving prescribed medications (4) times with no results. I came across your Biotic pH+™ from the pet food store and began to give it to my cat. The first dosage was already showing considerable improvement. I have been giving him the supplement for approx. 4 weeks now (cutting back to half the recommended amount 2 weeks ago).  I am also feeding him your Uretic™ hard cat food. He has not shown any signs of urinary troubles since the first dosage. Success, Thank you for caring for our animals. Avid holistic believer...”

E-Mail: Uretic™ Eliminates Urinary Problems, Matted Hair Coat Grown Out

“Thank you for a wonderful and life-saving product - the Feline Uretic™ Diet.  After just a few weeks of this diet, my cat no longer has bladder or kidney problems (which were severe) and is using the litter box again. She was formerly abused, could not be lifted to be taken to the vet, and had huge mats on her back.  Her mats have grown out and the skin and hair underneath are perfect. She has also lost weight!! I can't thank you enough, and I have recommended your products and your website to many people.”

E-Mail – Cat Prefers Uretic™

“I happen to have a very fussy, impossibly picky cat who actually likes Uretic™, and eats it without any begging on my part. He was on Hills C/D for a while and I kept reading the ingredients and asking myself, and the Vet, just what was beneficial about that food (since it's mostly cornmeal). When I switched to Uretic™, my cat actually took to it and continues to like it (miracle!). He has to have this food because he tends to produce crystals…Just to tell you how impossible my cat is, if I put something down that he doesn't like (which is most everything), he yells in a loud voice something that sounds like "yuck!" and walks away…I am so grateful that he likes Uretic™, and that I found your product. Thanks again.”

Letter – Uretic™ Is A Life-Saver!

“…We have been saving our Wysong cat and dog food labels for several months…I believe there are 24 Uretic™ cat food UPC codes (PLEASE NEVER STOP MAKING THAT PRODUCT, it is a true life-saver for our cats)…We only and solely feed our animals Wysong now since we lost one dear cat and nearly lost another due to kidney problems.”

E-Mail – Biotic pH-™ Helps Cat

“Thank you for your response. Three days ago I started my cat on the Uretic™ diet and I also started mixing some Biotic pH-™ into some Chicken Au Jus™…He urinated three times while I was sleeping for the night ... so I am happy. Sushi likes the food and it is working. Yesterday I purchased Archetype™...he loved it!”

Internet – Urinary Problems Disappear On Uretic™

"I have been feeding my two adult male cats your Vitality™ formula for a couple of years. Dylan developed urinary tract problems about six months ago, so I started feeding Uretic™ to both of them. Dylan’s problems immediately went away."

Internet – No Urinary Problems Since Switching To Wysong

"I use Vitality™, Geriatrx™, and Uretic™. My male cat on Uretic™ has had no problems since switching him to that several years ago. Thanks for your great products."

California – Change In Health Dramatic And Immediate

"While it is not my habit to write testimonials for products I use, I felt in this instance compelled to do so because Wysong dog food has made such a marked improvement in my dog’s health. I have a 13-year-old Australian Shepherd, who has been one of my best pals for all of his 13 years. A while ago he developed urinary incontinence, a problem for which his veterinarian has been treating him. (He also developed signs of old age and I am right there along with him!) A side effect of the current treatment he is receiving is increased thirst. If I withheld water from him, he experienced loud, labored panting. No one was getting any sleep (since he sleeps in my bedroom) and he seemed to be suffering. I cannot count the number of foods I have tried, all of which have failed, until I found Wysong. After only a few days of feeding him Wysong dog food for older dogs, his thirst diminished, his vitality picked up and he became playful and more interested in life again. After a period of time, I ran out of Wysong and had to make an emergency purchase of another food until I could procure more Wysong. Within a matter of three days we were back to the same thirst/panting problems. Sydney’s enthusiasm diminished and I could tell he just didn’t feel well. The change in his health was immediate and dramatic. In spite of the fact that I had a whole bag of food remaining, I made an emergency call to you for more Wysong, which you sent to me immediately. Thank you. I know that Sydney does not have much longer to live given his age, but I am confident that his quality of life is greatly enhanced by Wysong dog food and that Wysong dog food will add time to his life. I am truly grateful for this product and will use it for all dogs I shall own forever."

California – Wysong Improves Health Conditions For Cats

"I have nothing but praise for your cat food. I began getting the Feline Uretic™ when my cat Moses started having problems urinating after a bout of bronchitis. I saw your product on the shelf – loved the ingredients (and lack of) and began to buy it. My three cats, Moe, Dorcus, and Peter were new cats! Especially Moe, who doesn’t like canned food. He was climbing up fences he could never before! He stabilized at an energetic 12 lbs. (He is my Big Orange Cat.) When I moved to La Mesa, in Southern California, I found I had to special order the Uretic™ (and by the case). For me this includes two buses and a fifteen-minute walk, plus $32-35 a pop. After a few times I went generic. Moe gained his old weight back and now has dandruff. Of my new cats Cassia (2-3 years old) got irritable bowel on the generic and Jeremiah (1-2) had teeth so bad from her diet (generic) that a tooth was abscessed. For one month before the doctor’s visit I had them on Wysong. Moe got better and so did Cassia. October on generic and all is not well. Wysong is on special order – two cases."

Internet – Thank You For Healthy Cat Food

"I am feeding your food for cats with urinary problems to our 2 males. To say they love it is an understatement. I’m not sure where I am going to store it because they search for it. Thank you for creating a healthy cat food."

Nevada – Wonderful Product For Cats

“Thank you for making a wonderful product for cats with urinary tract problems!!”

Veterinarian, Washington – Vitality™ Excellent For Urolithiais

"We get comment after comment on how they like the improved hair coats, less scratching, less gas, less stool, and increased vitality of their pets. The popular Feline Vitality™ Diet has proven to be an excellent maintenance food for cats of all ages and in helping to prevent urolithiasis."

E-Mail – No More Health Problems

“We have a year and a half Boston terrier; called Billie Holiday and a 3 year old Bichon; Floyd. When we got Floyd he developed crystals in his bladder and had a host of common Bichon problems. I switched to Wysong Synorgon™ and have absolutely no health problems anymore. I walk dogs for a living and all my clients love to come to my house and eat my dog’s food. Many of my customers have switched their dogs over to your food and are thrilled. We walk/hike 10 - 15 km a day, 5 times a week and both my dogs are super strong and have bounds of energy thanks to your fantastic products.”