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Wysong Testimonials – Relief Of Seizures

E-Mail – Wysong Saves Dog’s Life

“I had a dog with multiple health problems (seizures, allergies, etc.) and Wysong saved his life. He lived 8 years after almost dying at 1 year old. We were lucky to have him that long!”

Ohio – Dog’s Eye Heals, Has Fewer Seizures When Switched To Wysong

"Dudley started having seizures about 6 weeks after going off the Wysong diet. The distributor for our area stopped carrying Wysong and we were told that Perform was ‘the same’ and Hills™ and others were ‘just as good.’ Sometime in the middle of all this we also tried Perform and Pro Plan, but the seizures continued, sometimes a month or so apart and sometimes less than a week apart depending upon which diet he was on. He was also very lethargic, would never play or run and we had to call the vet because of occasional bouts of unexplained lameness. There were a couple of times that he was in so much pain that my husband had to carry him outside because he wasn’t able to walk. A few months after the seizures started he also developed chronic corneal erosion (bullous keratopathy) in his left eye. After many trips to a specialist, much medication and three surgical keratectomy procedures, there was no evidence of any healing. We were told that it was a metabolic disorder and that it could take months or longer to heal. For about 3 months, Dudley was in pain, the ulcer continued to get larger, the eye was usually closed and the seizures continued on and off. That’s when I finally called you guys. Dudley has only had one seizure since his change back to Wysong and his eye magically started healing 5 days after being switched back to Wysong. He no longer has those mysterious bouts of lameness and is frisky and eager to play with us and our other dog. The vet was amazed, to say the least."

Florida – Seizure-Free On Wysong Recommendations

"I am writing this letter to thank you for recommending Wysong dog food, vitamin E and vitamin C for my Dalmatian, Missy. Since you recommended this diet, Missy has not had a seizure in over a year. I must admit I was skeptical but I was willing to try anything since she was having seizures every 2 to 4 months. I am so happy to be able to say that she appears to be seizure free and I thank you for that."

Kennel, Washington – C-Biotic Prevents Seizures

"As a kennel owner I am given all sorts of products to give to clients’ pets while they are being boarded or in training. Most of these don’t seem to do the job, however, five years ago a dog was brought in for boarding and it had seizures unless C-Biotic™ was put on its food twice a day. I thought what a great product! I have told all of my friends about this product."

Internet – No Seizures Since Eating Wysong

"...I think he, as well as all my dogs, feel a lot better than ever before. He has not had a seizure since he has been on Wysong and time will tell if this problem too has been corrected because of the change in diet to Wysong Synorgon™. I am very pleased with this product."

Pet Owner – Seizures Less Frequent On Wysong Recommendations

"Last year I contacted you about my seizuring Toy Poodle. You suggested to me that I start him out with Synorgon™ plus C-Biotic™ and E.F.A.™. I’m writing to let you know that within a very short time of putting him on Synorgon™ his seizures became less and less frequent. He had no seizures for 3½ months (he used to seizure every 5 days). He now only seizures when placed under a lot of stress. Also, his coat is shiny and healthy. The last time he was at the vet they commented on his healthy coat and asked what I was feeding."

Internet – Wysong Diets Solve Seizures

“I wanted to let you know about my dog, Googie, a 5-year-old Brittany. Googie was starting to have seizures; she had 3 starting when she was 3 years old, the second coming 8 months after the first, and the third 6 months after the second. The vet ran tests but nothing organic appeared to explain the seizures, so it was assumed she was epileptic. I was told there was nothing they could do except put her on medication. I’m familiar with the side effects of the medication, and it’s ugly. They didn’t really recommend it unless she got worse, so…I did some research and found Wysong™. I’ve had Googie, as well as my two other dogs and my two cats, on various Wysong formulas for about 1-½ years now, and Googie has not had another seizure in 16 months. She has not had one since I put her on Wysong. I’m convinced the toxins in other foods (although I always fed good, healthy pet foods) were irritating the nerve endings in her brain and triggering the seizures, as was suggested by the research I found. Since Wysong is so clean and free of toxins, I truly believe it solved the problem. It’s the only change I made. Thank you so much!”

Internet – Italian Greyhound Known As The Hairless Grows Full Coat On Wysong Diets

"I am writing because I recently changed my dog food to Wysong Synorgon™. I have one young Great Dane and two 10-year-old Italian Greyhounds. One of my Italian Greyhounds has had a thyroid problem most of his adult life and has been basically hairless except for a few spots here and there, and also has seizures every 4 to 6 months. Since I have put him on Wysong Synorgon™, he has grown a full body of hair. I can’t believe it, or can anyone else who was used to Gabriel, the hairless. He is a beautiful soft silky golden fawn color. I have had him since he was three and I never knew what his true color was."