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Your health is important too! Try Wysong Protein Key™.

"The Thinking Person's Pet Food"™ – Since 1979

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Wysong Statement of Purpose

Founded in 1979 by Dr. Wysong (DVM), the Wysong company is committed to providing veterinarians with education and products that advance a rational, nature-respecting, approach to health. We are not a faceless multibillion dollar conglomerate seeking profit and growth, but a dedicated family company that takes responsibility to health very personally. Wysong is where thinking veterinarians turn when they tire of marketing and seek substantive options. Hundreds of thousands of animals through multiple generations, and thousands of veterinarians have benefited from the Wysong approach. Our continually evolving line of healthy pet food is ideal for veterinarians who are looking to offer their patients prescription cat food, dog vitamins or other specialty nutritional pet products. We warmly welcome you as a colleague.

For more information on Wysong please contact us at 1-800-748-0188. You may also email us:

Prescription Cat / Dog Food by Wysong

The Rx diets, prescription cat and dog food, are based on Wysong's Archetype™ diet, which is a dehydrated raw food. You can feed them dry or reconstitute them with water. The Rx diets are designed to provide a concentrated source of natural nutrition combined with nutraceuticals for the specific health problem. They are meant to be more of an adjunct diet, than a sole diet. You can view the feeding recommendations by clicking on the hyperlinks above. To see base diet recommendations for your pet's specific problem(s), see the recommendations form.

You can order Rx diets directly from Wysong as long as we have a prescription on file from your veterinarian stating the name of the diet, your name, the pet's name and the number of refills. You can fax that information to us at 989-631-9280. Once faxed, please call customer service at 800-748-0188 to place an order.

If your dog or cat is currently being treated for a specific health condition, ask your veterinarian about the benefits of using Wysong Rx Prescription Pet Diets™.

For more information on Wysong Rx Diets™ please contact us at 1-800-748-0188. You may also email us:

Below is a list of Wysong Rx Diets™ coupled with the health condition they are designed to specifically target. These diets are available only by prescription through your veterinarian.

In order to fulfill your order, Wysong must have an Rx slip in-house from your Veterinarian.

For more specific product information, please click links below or have your veterinarian contact us. Click here to read the scientific and philosophic basis for the Rx Diets

See the product links below to see the specifics and scientific references on each Wysong prescription pet diet.

Prescription Dog and Cat Food

Wysong Rx Organ™ (cardiovascular, digestive, pancreas, liver, neurological, and respiratory)
(Replaces: Cardiril™, Digesome™, Panadime™, Heparone™, Neuropril™, and Respityl™)

Wysong Rx Urinary™ (kidney, urinary health, and struvite)
(Replaces: Nephreon™, Uratrar™, and Struvatrol™)

For more detailed information about the Wysong Rx diets, please see the monograph: