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-Wysong: to gain professional input from practicing veterinarians and increased exposure of Wysong health concepts
-Veterinary Practitioner: to broaden clinical capabilities and increase income opportunities

This opportunity is available only to licensed veterinarians actively engaged in clinical practice.

Clinical Consultants (CCs) periodically evaluate new product developments and advise on improvements in the CC Program.  In exchange, Wysong will provide:
1. Free samples of new product developments as well as most of the other 500 Wysong human and animal products
2. Free listing on the Wysong website as a preferred practitioner
3. Free R&D help and marketing for approved products the CC wishes to develop
4. Free Wysong educational products and access to distributor level marketing materials
5. Credit terms available (application required)
6. No minimum orders
7. Referrals of clients who contact Wysong seeking a veterinarian
8. Free shipping up to 10% of the net CC cost of any order under 200 lbs. 15% for orders over 200 lbs.
9. Consideration for a paid part-time Regional Director position 
10. First consideration for full-time positions at Wysong
11. Compensation in the form of cash, or cash due times 1.5 in product credit, will be paid based upon the following:
a. 20% cash or 30% product credit for any direct order (human or animal product) from the CC's clients. Give your CC# to all clients that you refer to Wysong. They use your CC# when ordering to tag their account to yours. Once this client is tagged, all orders by phone, mail or web will accrue to your ledger. CCs can request "free shipping on first order" coupons for their clients to use. Catalogs and coupons are provided free of charge to CCs.
b. 10% cash or 15% product credit for any direct order the CC places for Wysong clinical items. The Clinical Product Division (in-clinic supplies) will be greatly expanded to include essentially all clinical necessities at a net price to the CC less than anywhere else available.

Experienced Clinical Consultants may be considered for part-time paid positions.  Regional Directors work with veterinarians in a specified territory to assist them in becoming successful Clinical Consultants.

Complete the CC enrollment form and fax or mail to Wyong.   We will then send all the starting materials needed to begin.

Corporate/R & D Center: Openings for experienced DVMs at the Midland, Michigan location emerge from time to time. Additionally, new positions are occasionally created to match the special skills of applicants. We are a diverse company with needs ranging from management, R & D, writing, marketing, strategic development and professional and consumer communications. Please review our website to learn about us. Be sure to read some of our technical product monographs, past issues of newsletters, questions and answers, testimonials and forum entries. This will help you understand our philosophical approach and the core reasons Wysong exists. If this information rings true to you, and you feel you could impart the energy necessary to help Wysong in its attempt to make a better and healthier world, send a resume via email or regular mail.

Include as much information about yourself and your goals as possible. Also tell us how you feel you could be especially useful at Wysong and what your starting salary requirement would be. We will give your application careful consideration and if a spot does not currently exist we will keep you in mind for potential future positions.

Clinical Consultants: This program is for practitioners who wish to remain where they are in practice, but would like to expand their intellectual and financial horizons. If after reviewing Wysong information (see "learn" and request any of Dr. Wysong's books or other Wysong literature desired), you are excited about the things Wysong is trying to do to educate people on how to achieve optimal health for themselves and their companion animals, please drop us a note.

Tell us a little about yourself and your practice experience. Also geographically define your practice area.

Wysong Clinical Consultants will have the opportunity to help in clinical evaluation of products and clinical aids. Such studies will be designed so that they will not intrude upon your busy time, but rather simply flow within your practice routine. In return, Clinical Consultants will be the first to learn of new practice innovations, be listed on our website as preferred practices to our tens of thousands of visitors, receive free products, special commissions, pricing and shipping arrangements and be given priority consideration for any opportunities that arise within the Wysong organization.

As a bonus, you will learn along the way a whole new and intellectually expanding approach to health and healing that will create new practice growth ideas and personal health rewards.