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For nearly forty years we have let principle lead and have helped people achieve better health for themselves and their pets with competent and honest information and products. The premium, natural, and organic health products and information on this site represent tens of thousands of hours in research and development spanning nearly forty years. We see our business as a place of trust, fiduciary responsibility, and conscience. Many of the "natural" changes and trends you see in the market were begun right here at Wysong.

We were originated by, and are presently led by, health professionals who have come to see that nature is the ultimate origin of health. Our purpose is to help people take control of their own health destiny. Wysong products, and especially our information, make it easy to be healthy and fit because true health comes from an informed mind.

Our best product is information, much of which is free on this website. See Dr. Wysong's books, monographs, CDs, and newsletters (covering topics on supplements, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and other nutraceuticals, as well as holistic health, disease care, holistic veterinary approaches, preventive care, dieting, natural therapy, sports supplements, natural anabolics, alkaline water, orthotic insoles, skin care, beauty, personal care, natural shampoos, organic cereal, prescription pet diets, premium dog food, cat food, ferret food, equine food, and more).

Over 300 healthy human products, holistic dog foods and supplements, cat foods and supplements, ferret foods, and horse feed and supplements are offered to you on our sites. What we discover of value in humans, we apply to animals, and vice versa. All creatures share the same need for natural nutrition as nature intended. All creatures can enjoy health by abiding the same natural principles.

We are a small company with a big goal - we want our work to help you and your loved ones be healthy. To do this we develop and manufacture our own healthy, gourmet pet food products based on sound science and using nature as the principle. We are not middlemen and these are not ‘me-too’ products intended only to capture a market. Moreover, if you avail yourself of the education and health newsletters you will learn how to achieve the best health potential for you, your family, and pets, without having to rely on any manufactured products at all - even ours. As with any good doctor, we serve people best if we can teach them how to not need us.

If you are a thinking person serious about health, we are here for you.

About Wysong FAQ

Question: What does the name "Wysong" mean, and where did it come from?

Answer: Wysong is the last name of Dr. Wysong, the founder of the company, and his family who works with him. The name has an interesting history, as do most if one could only gather the details. Because the Wysong name is unusual, some of the holders of it have done quite a bit of genealogical research. It seems the name originated as Vinzent in France and became Vincent of the noble family of Nimes, France. (St. Vincent de Paul is of the line.) When the king of France began a campaign of killing the Huguenots, some of the Vincents fled to Saarland in Germany and changed their name to Weissang with one or two s's. Weisang and Vincent were used interchangeably on legal documents in the 1600s. The 1550 Weissang family crest is shown here:


From Germany, Lodowick Weissang migrated to England where his name was translated to Ludwig Wysong. He joined the British army in about 1715 and was sent to the American Colonies where he remained as a colonist. He was quite robust, living to 105 and reportedly walked twenty miles a day up to his death in 1784. The American Wysongs are descendants of his five sons who all fought in the revolutionary war. A later Wysong was the first pilot to fly off a carrier during WWI.

Question: How long have you been in business?

Answer: Since about 1979. Dr. Wysong began with clinical and surgical inventions, and branched into the various facets you see today as his research demonstrated the problems in conventional medicine and the importance of prevention.

Question: What is Dr. Wysong's background?

Answer: Dr. Wysong has a B.S. in biology and chemistry and a DVM in veterinary surgery and medicine. At the college level he has taught human anatomy, physiology and origin of life courses. He also has practiced veterinary clinical surgery and medicine. For over 30 years, Dr. Wysong has engaged in research and development of surgical, clinical, nutritional, food processing and nutraceutical products with an emphasis on prevention and natural therapeutics

Question: Does this make you different from other companies?

Answer: We think so. For most companies the emphasis is on marketing. There may be name dropping of "Dr." consultants, but these individuals usually have no authority over product design and in many cases (in the pet food industry particularly) no real expertise in the field. There is also liberal use of words such as "science," "clinical," "studies," and the like - whether or not there is underlying substance. In contrast, Dr. Wysong directly designs, oversees and controls products and processing.

Question: Are you a health food company?

Answer: Since many people equate "health food," with "weird food," we don't like the association. In our food divisions, we create healthy foods backed by science, not lore. Wysong, in effect, bridges the gap between nature and science.

Question: Where are you located?

Answer:Our corporate and research headquarters are located in Midland, MI. We also have manufacturing operations in Wisconsin.

Question: Are you approved by government regulations?

Answer: We are inspected and under the purview of the FDA, USDA, APHIS, OSHA, and AAFCO.

Question: Can I buy stock in your company?

Answer: No, we are not a publicly traded company.

Question: Are there job opportunities with Wysong?

Answer: Yes. Please send an e-mail to with your cover letter and resume.

Question: Do you manufacture your products or do you have others do it?

Answer:Yes, we conceive, design, and directly manufacture almost all of our products. This distinguishes us from most pet food companies.

Question: How do you control the quality of your products?

Answer: In order to control quality you first must understand a lot about food processing and the potential dangers within foods. We work to control a variety of factors that many manufacturers are not even aware of - such as mycotoxins, food-borne pathogens, antinutritional factors, oxidant status and toxin contaminants, to name a few.

Question: Do you do laboratory research on animals?

Answer:No. We believe that caging animals for studies is unnecessary and in some instances, cruel. When we want to gather data, we ask for help from real pets in real homes and use veterinary clinical consultants across the country. Nobody gets hurt. Please see our article on Animal Testing and Feeding Trials.

Question: What do you do to be environmental?

Answer: All that we can. The world is a finite resource and we treat it that way. We take all the measures we can to reduce energy consumption. We reduce, reuse, and as a last resort, recycle. We have an in-house recycling center, compost organic waste and encourage  reuse among employees. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of environmentalism is health. If an action - such as recyclable packaging that improperly protects nutrients and causes toxin formation - creates harm to health, we put health first.

Question: Isn't it kind of weird making both human and animal products? Hope you don't mix them up.

Answer: The technology Dr. Wysong developed for animals applies to humans, and the technology he developed for humans applies to animals. So why not? We and our fellow biological creatures are not so different as you might imagine. We also use our products to teach. Many people come to learn how to better care for themselves and their family because of interest triggered in what they learned from Wysong animal foods. Or vice versa.

And no... we don't mix them up - they are made separately. Even if we did, no harm would come because the same level of quality is in all of our products.

Question: How do you decide what products to make?

Answer: First off, we do not see the point of making things that are already available just to try to gain profit. We make things that, in our opinion, are not made well enough yet. We also make what we would personally prefer to use.

Question: There are so many choices out there, how do I decide?

Answer: Since companies and their advertising/marketing partners can easily confuse people, you need to be informed. Cool ads, movie stars, words like "natural" and "science," fancy graphs, pretty packaging and the like is not that education. Asking questions like this is a start. If a company cannot give you any real depth, get suspicious. Please see our article How To Choose a Pet Food Company.

Question: Why don't I see your company advertising or in all the major stores?

Answer: Our primary focus has been and is education, research, and development. We are not a marketing firm, so what advertising you do see will be with an educational emphasis. We have a forty year with independently owned stores and businesses, and we enjoy working directly with customers as well.

Question: Why are some of your products quite expensive?

Answer: Because they are expensive to produce. Quality has a price.

Question: It just seems that there are similar things out there for a lot less money, don't you think?

Answer: Health is not a place to be budget-minded. It's a pay now or pay later type-thing. There are many important health features in Wysong products which are not easily discerned on labels. (Pet food regulators strictly limit what can be said on labeling.) In fact, it is possible to create products that have virtually the same label as Wysong, but cost a fraction of what it costs to produce Wysong. (See The Truth About Pet Foods, by Dr. Wysong). Since such deception is possible, you must read company literature carefully to discern if those behind the products are marketers saying words or serious people committed to health.

Question: Where is Wysong headed in the future?

Answer: You can count on Wysong being very creative. We will continue to lead, not follow, and bring you state-of-the-art information and products to enhance health for both humans and animals.

Also see: Wysong As A Holistic Company

Wysong Headquarters, Midland, MI


Wysong Headquarters, Midland, MI - (night)


Wysong Manufacturing Facility in Wisconsin