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Do dairy ingredients like colostrum, milk, whey, cheese, and yogurt have a place in pet foods? Wysong discusses here.
DentaTreat™ is a great approach to maintaining pet oral health, utilizing the scientifically proven beneficial properties of cheeses, probiotics, minerals, and other natural ingredients.
The horse is one of the most intriguing of all animals. It is perhaps unequaled among all creatures in its sheer elegance and beauty. It has that "something" which no one can quite describe or even understand, yet it is there, and it adds to the excitement and pleasure of having a horse.
All life exists in complex and essential relationships with other organisms and the environment. Vital environmental factors include food, water, and air, as well as less obvious influences such as sunlight, gravity, magnetism and the unseen microbial world. Recognizing and respecting these relationships is a key to health and well-being since it helps restore natural genetic context.
W­­­­­e here at Wysong take your trust seriously. Over two decades of research have been dedicated to creating products with health as the utmost priority. Wysong products are conceived by common sense, grounded in science, developed through logic, proven with results.
Essential fatty acids are those fatty acids the body is incapable of synthesizing on its own in sufficient quantities to meet metabolic demands.
Clinical Veterinary Nutrition. Technical Monograph and Product Details, Philosophy, Design, Mechanisms of Action, Indications, Research.
Flaxseeds are an alternative source of dry and more pleasant tasting omega-3's, but some pets may not be able to effectively convert the ALA in flaxseeds into the metabolically important longer chain EPA and DHA.
While plants and micro organism have the capability to produce the vitamins necessary for the metabolism themselves, humans and animals have unfortunately lost this ability during evolution.
One of our discoveries many years ago is the danger of oxidation. When the fats inherent in all ingredients are exposed to oxygen, heat, light, and time, they begin to oxidize.
This is not a conventional book on pet health or nutrition. It is not about protein, milligrams of calcium, IU's of vitamin A, a special ingredient, vaccinations, yearly checkups or laboratory tests. If optimal health and nutrition that cannot be surpassed is your goal, these things are not the primary consideration. The key is far more simple and intuitive...if you will dare to be convinced.
Since the advent of food processing, much debate has ensued as to which food is best. There are extruded, pelleted, baked, canned, semi-moist, life-stage designed, high protein, low protein, "natural," fortified, anti-allergenic, and disease treatment formulas.
The importance of raw, natural, fresh foods in the diet is self-evident. It is the form of food all creatures on planet Earth are genetically adapted to.
In this entertaining audio CD Dr. Wysong wipes away all the modern assumptions on nutrition and health, and with a clean slate logically rebuilds proper thinking.
Humans have taken pet feeding a long way from nature and by so doing, a long way from optimal health.
How to Apologize to Your Pet; Fresh and Varied Feeding with the Wysong Optimal Health Program™
This article discusses the safety of vitamin and mineral supplementation in general, and the role of vitamins and minerals in pet foods.
Wysong uses Vitamin C in pet food for its antioxidant properties. Vitamin C is not harmful to cats and dogs if delivered in moderation. More info here.
What is the role of Vitamin D in pet foods? Wysong discusses the benefits and reasons for Vitamin D in pet foods here.
Wysong uses Vitamin K in pet food helps to prevent osteoporosis, oxidative cell damage, and assist with blood clotting. More info here.
Should pet foods contain salt? That largely depends on the quality and characteristics of the salt. See our discussion salt in pet foods here.
Yeast is included in Wysong pet food because it is a natural and extremely rich source of B-vitamins and other nutrients. Learn more here.
Why include Methionine in cat foods? Wysong explains the rationale for Methionine as a pet food ingredient here.
What is Montmorillonite Clay's purpose in pet foods? Wysong explains here.