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Pet Spray
Multi-Purpose Natural Odor Counteractant
Neutralizes stubborn pet odors: SKUNK • FERRET • URINE • FECES • ANIMAL • PREMISE

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Citressence Pet Spray

This odor counteractant is a botanical and citrus formulation containing safe natural extracts that have the capability of molecularly neutralizing, not just masking, most offensive odors.

Citressence imparts initial light citrus scent, then no scent at all including the bad ones. Highly concentrated, very economical and extremely safe and efficient.
Purified Water, Natural Lemon Extract, Lemon Concentrate
For use on pets, spray directly on animal, avoiding eyes. Work Citressence into coat. No need to dilute or rinse. For use on other sources of pet odor, apply fine mist to any water-safe surface (linoleum, upholstery, carpet, animal bedding, cages, litter boxes, etc.). To spray, adjust nozzle for appropriate misting.

If possible, remove source of odor immediately. Saturate soiled surface with Citressence to prevent residual odors. Before discarding, spray on odor-causing material as well to maintain a more sanitary waste environment.

⚠️Caution: Although Citressence is a natural product it requires careful, mature usage. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. If swallowed, consult a physician.
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