Wysong as a Holistic Company

Holism is the philosophic truth that whole things express properties and characteristics that are not reducible to their parts. For example the beauty of a flower or a painting cannot be explained by examining the characteristics of the atoms of which they are composed. Holism is opposite to reductionism which argues that all things can be explained by examining the properties of their parts and pieces. Reductionism is also related to materialism which attributes all things to manifestations of matter.

Wysong is a uniquely holistic and healthy pet food company for the following reasons:

  • Our founder, Dr. Wysong, was the first to introduce holism as a principle that pet food companies should embrace. Holism is not a label to merely attach to pet products and brochures, it is a serious concept that must be understood and embraced going into business. It can then permeate the products and teachings of a company.
  • Dr. Wysong has written several books on the subject and published a holistic health newsletter for almost two decades. He teaches holism and his company embodies it.
  • Wysong was founded on the principle that pet products and business practices should reflect an underlying concern for health and the well being of the world, not simply focus on one aspect (a piece) of business - money.
  • Holism is the source of human and pet health. As a holistic company Wysong therefore addresses health with competence. While other companies are led by business people and entrepreneurs who make claims about holism and health, Wysong was begun by and is directed by doctorate level health professionals.
  • Wysong has advanced environmental principles from its beginnings and practices recycling, reusability, energy efficiency, use of renewable resources, reduction of waste, avoidance of toxins and aggressive education on these matters. Examples include reusable and recyclable packaging where possible, innovative energy efficient buildings, use of renewable wood and corn for energy and heat, tree-planting programs, natural fertilizers, insecticides, disinfectants, and over 300 other natural products created specifically to fill a holistic need, not just turn profits. Wysong even makes sure no piece of paper goes to recycling before it is used on both sides. If one were to visit Wysong headquarters, it would be noted that it lies in a quadrant of the city that has been denuded and commercialized. The Wysong site stands out with its 10 acres of pristine forest, a small lake created for fish and wildlife, recycling bins and compost piles. This contrast of the Wysong site in the middle of the mindless commercial advance of a city is a metaphor for how Wysong as a company sits in the middle of all other commercial enterprises.
  • Health is an emergent holistic quality that results from respecting the whole and our integral link to nature. All Wysong products are designed and produced with knowledge of and respect for this fact. While other companies focus on singular aspects of products to capture a marketing edge – organic, no preservatives, a special ingredient, lack of boogeyman ingredients and the like – Wysong pays attention to all aspects of product concept, design, production and packaging to capture the entire holistic and healthy value of nature.
  • The range of Wysong product applications speaks to the holistic vision. Since the idea of true holism has not yet been truly practiced by most companies there are huge vacancies needing to be filled by products that truly respect nature and genetic context and put health first. That is why Wysong products range from human, to pet, large animal, environmental, agricultural, veterinary, medical, physical therapy, orthotic, personal care, home ecology, sports, supplements, foods, preservatives, exercise, to educational. Over 300 holistic products have been developed. The product spectrum is in itself all inclusive, in other words - holistic.
  • Health is the primary goal of Wysong and has always been. It takes priority over profits. If people were to follow Dr. Wysong’s counsel to a tee, they would not have to use any processed products - even Wysong’s. (Wysong's commitment to pet health and nutrition over profit is evident throughout our product line. We manufacture some of the most labor intensive, and least profitable products in the industry.)
  • Wysong is the only pet food company that understands that holistic foods are only those foods that can be consumed as they exist in nature with no processing or cooking necessary, and designs its products accordingly.
  • Wysong respects the rights of all life, does no animal experimentation, supports animal welfare and uses food resources that would otherwise be wasted so as not to put further pressure on food animal production.
  • Resources derived from business are used to do good and educate the public with responsible products and information.
  • Holism is a fundamental truth in nature. To live in accord with it is to live in accord with truth. While many say the words – "natural," "organic," "holistic," and so on – Wysong walks the walk even if by doing so the bottom line is not improved. In this respect, Wysong is better thought of as a cause, not a company.
In short, Wysong uses business as a tool to do good, not as a mere opportunity for profit. In every way possible, Wysong attempts to make a better world and prevent disease and suffering by wise holistic approaches that respect nature and treat humans and pets as higher ethical and thinking creatures.
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