Collection: Healthy Dry Cat Foods

Wysong premium cat foods are designed to mimic the archetypal carnivorous diet. Each of our dry cat diets is equally suitable for cats of all life stages and breeds, and is designed to be fed in rotation and supplemented with Wysong TNT    True Non-Thermal processing. The non-heat proprietary manufacturing process Wysong uses in producing all of our raw cat food. raw catfood diets, canned cat foods, and cat supplements at your discretion.

Wysong dry cat foods are broken down into three general categories – "Original," "Optimal," and "Epigen." Mix in some of our awesome Optimize and Pure Meats freezedried varieties for a nutritional boost and healthful variety. Diets in each category offer health-giving properties and unique nutritional characteristics. Please explore and as always, contact us if you need any help or guidance!
    Pure Meats
    For the occasional meal, reward, or treat, why not the best that nature has to offer? That’s the Wysong Pure Meats concept. 100% diced meats in a convenient freezedried form, packaged in our most eco-friendly bags to date.
  • Optimize
    Wysong Optimize is a high meat dog, cat, and ferret food designed to boost protein and "optimize" any pet foods. Amplify the nutrition of pet foods with Wysong Optimize!
  • Optimal Line
    Wysong Optimal Line Diets represent new advanced technology that moves companion animal nutrition closer than ever to archetypal genetic expectation. For the discerning customer who demands the highest protein and lowest glycemic foods for their companion animal, with a nutraceutical spectrum unrivaled by any other foods available. The Optimal Line Diets are a distinct step up nutritionally over our Original Diets.
  • Epigen
    Starch Free
    The world's first and only Starch Free kibble and the most genetically appropriate dry pet food in history. 60% and 90% meat formulations, with 60+% protein and less than 10% carbohydrates! (Standard carbohydrate content of kibbles can be 50%-70%.) With the Epigen line, Wysong has taken extrusion technology to its limit in the interest of making kibble diets as archetypal and biologically appropriate as possible. Truly without nutritional equal.
    Original Diets
    Wysong Original Diets have an unequaled multi-decade track record of success. Healthful diets that serve as ideal starting points in a healthy feeding regimen. A great introduction to the Wysong line, and the base primary diets for tens of thousands of healthy companion animals around the world. Based upon the sound health principles that have created wellbeing in companion animals and proven effective for over 40 years.