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If you would like to feed the awesome Carnivorous Kibble diet that underpins the Wysong ℞estore line without a prescription, please see Wysong Restore.
Utilizing 40+ years of research & development, specialized manufacturing technologies and industry-leading innovations, Wysong introduces Wysong ℞estore for beloved pets needing powerful nutrition to help overcome modern adverse health conditions.

Functional diets rooted in nature, boosted by modern nutrients and technologies.

Modern feeding practices that ignore a pet's natural design have wreaked health havoc. From widespread pet obesity and diabetes, to debilitating digestive, mobility and joint ailments, the telltale signs of deficient nutrition are everywhere and undeniable.

Unfortunately, the same inadequate nutritional design is witnessed in the Rx pet category. In fact, one could argue that the modern Rx pet category is uniquely deficient in terms of quality. Look close enough and it appears many Rx diets have become a bastion for suboptimal ingredients, i.e., those that wouldn't pass muster on the "premium" shelf at the grocer are instead repurposed as Rx and promoted in this less scrutinized space, and for a substantial price premium.

Wysong ℞estore diets are intended to be a correction and zero compromise answer for all the above; for pet foods of any and all classifications that have failed to engender health.

As demonstrated by Wysong's 40+ years of successful pet health & feeding methodology, the solution is a return to nature and a core diet that is reflective of the natural, carnivorous canine/feline diet. No marketing or obfuscation can obscure this fundamental, inescapable truth: To achieve health, our pets must be fed in accordance with their genetics. Wysong ℞estore diets achieve this genetic archetype to a higher degree than any kibble form diets to date, prescription or otherwise.

At the core of Wysong ℞estore diets is our Carnivorous Kibble Technology.

Leveraging our industry-first Starch Free manufacturing techniques, the Wysong ℞estore diets feature a collection of top tier meat ingredients without the typical starch (carbohydrate) additions, or any junk ingredients whatsoever. Instead, each and every ingredient in the Wysong ℞estoreline has a valid and compelling purpose and function.

The line's uniquely high-quality ingredients were selected to provide natural, meat-based protein and fat, and a powerful profile of essential amino acids for maximum nutritional impact and recuperative capability. Immensely nutritious oils and broths are painstakingly added to the kibble composition for their well-documented salubrious effects. The composition of Wysong ℞estore is the product of screening and selecting from hundreds of potential ingredients over multiple years.

Unlike standard Rx diets, we're delivering the very best of food manufacturing and ingredient technologies to pets most in need. With Wysong ℞estore the closer you look and the more you know and understand, the more the intentions, value, and quality become apparent.

To help pets overcome specific ailments, functional ingredients and nutraceuticals create targeted Rx diets and desirable health outcomes, improved pet wellness and vitality.

We invite you to please explore the Wysong ℞estore diets in full detail according to your pet's health conditions and nutritional needs.

Because of the meticulous, multi-stage, time-consuming manufacturing, and (intermittent) limited ingredient supply, these diets may be unavoidably limited supply.