Collection: Ferret Food & Supplements

Wysong is committed to formulating and manufacturing genetically appropriate diets for ferrets. Wysong’s ferret product offerings stand in stark contrast to numerous commercial food offerings that are not necessarily reflective of this obligate carnivore’s true nutritional needs.

Ferret Archetype (formerly Archetypal-1) and Dream Treats are highly nutritious, True Non-Thermal    True Non-Thermal processing. The non-heat proprietary manufacturing process Wysong uses in producing all raw diets. (raw) options. Raw meat-based and Starch Free, these items thus do not contribute to the carbohydrate glut diseases    The chronic degenerative diseases with long incubation periods such as diabetes, obesity, organ diseases, dental diseases, arthritis, etc. of the ferret.

Ferret Epigen 90 represents the most successful reconciliation to date between natural carnivorous diets and extrusion technology. (For more information, please review our article The Evolution of Kibble Stops Here.)