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This privacy policy covers the site http://www.wysong.net. Because we want to demonstrate our commitment to our users' privacy, we disclose the following information.

Information Collection and Use
Wysong customer information is not shared with any third parties. Wysong is the sole owner of the infomation collected on our website. Wysong collects information at several different points on our website.

Wysong will not rent, exchange, sell, or otherwise transmit your information to any third party. This information you provide will remain confidential and will only be used for the purposes our relationship with you as a customer, and intermittent Wysong communications.

(With every e-mail from Wysong you will have the opportunity to unsubscribe and no longer receive any communications from us.)

A cookie is a piece of data stored on the user's computer tied to information about the user. Wysong.net uses cookies for a variety of purposes. By continuing to browse this site you give consent for cookies to be used.

Legal Disclaimer
Though we make every effort to preserve user privacy, we may need to disclose personal information when required by law wherein we have a good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with a current judicial proceeding, a court order or legal process served on our website.

Data Security
Wysong makes prudent efforts to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of customer information. Contact us for further information.

Changes to the Privacy Statement
The information you submit to us is governed by the privacy policy in effect at the time you submit it. Policy updates will be indicated herein.

Contact Information
Contact us if you have questions about our privacy policy, or any other questions or concerns:

7550 Eastman Avenue,
Midland, MI 48642
(989) 631-0009

Resolving Privacy Policy Disputes
If you think we have not followed our privacy policy in some way, please contact us via the information immediately above.

Copyright & Trademark Information

Wysong Corporation maintains this worldwide website as a service to and reference place for the worldwide web community. The content (images and text) placed by Wysong Corporation on any company owned websites is copyrighted. You may download the content only for personal, non-commercial uses. The content may not be otherwise copied and used, and may not be modified without express written permission from Wysong.

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On occasion, clicking on certain links within company owned websites may lead you into other websites for which Wysong Corporation takes no responsibility.

Wysong Trademarks

"Wysong™", "Wysong Diets™," "The Optimal Health Program™," "The Thinking Person's Pet Foods™," "The Thinking Person's Company™," "The Thinking Person's Products™," "Products for Thinking People™," "The Wysong e-Healthletter™," "Quality of Life"™, "Save The World™," "Using Nature As The Principle™," "Ethos™," "O-mega D™," "Reflector™," "Proteus™," "AddLife™," "Un-cereal™," "Good Health is Nature Obeyed™," The Thinking Person's…™," "As Nature Intended™," "Nature as the Principle - Science as the Proof™," "Nutrition as nature intended...™," "Where health is the #1 Priority™," "Nutrition like Health Matters™," "Science like Nature Matters™," "Where it all Began™," "Nonfiction nutrition™," "Small Company, Big Message™," "Where Nature is the Ultimate Science™," "Years to Life™, Life to Years™," Because Health is Everything™," "Because Pets Deserve More™," "A Better Way™," "Health is Love™," "Doctor's Diet™," "Perfect Love Deserves Perfect Food™," "The Simple Solution™," "Aren't They Worth It™?" "Better in so Many Ways™,"(*partial list) The Wysong sunset logos, Wysong product package design and graphics, and all Wysong Brand Names are registered or unregistered trademarks, copyrighted materials, and property of Wysong Corporation. Wysong Corporation reserves the right to withdraw products referred to in company owned websites.

AND INCLUDES -- AddLife™ Adsorb ™Alkinate™ All Meat™ Variety Pack™ Anaplex™ Androlog™ Anergen™ Archetype™ Buffet™ Archetype Burgers™ Archetype™ Arthegic™ Beef Au Jus™ Beef Stew in Gravy™ and Chicken Stew in Gravy™ Biotic pH+™ Biotic pH-™ Bug Off™ Call of the Wild™ Canned Food Lid™ Carboprin™ Carpet Sweeper Carvasol™ Cat Lead™ Cat Treats™ Cheezyme™ Chelamin™ Chicken Au Jus™ Chocolate Therapy™ Citressence™ - Air Refresher Spray Citrox™ - AntimicrobialCoconutBlend™ Colex™ Contifin™ Defense™ Dentatreat™ Deodorant (Catalyst Dry)Deodorant (Natural Stone)Deodorant (Roll-On) ™ Duck Au Jus™ E-Biotic™ E.F.A.™ Equine Biogel™ Equine Chelamin™ Equine Diet™ Equine E.F.A.™ Erase™ - Carpet Deodorizer Estrolog™ Estrus Strips™ Ferret Archetypal-1™ Ferret Archetypal-2™ Fibermin E.F.A.™ Food A.C.E.™ Food C™ Fresh Squeezed Flax Seeds™ Frugie Wash™ - Fruit & Vegetable Wash Geriatrx™ Glucosamine™ Gourmet Chicken™ Gourmet Liver™ Gourmet Seafood™ Growth™ Hepticene™ Herbed Extra Virgin Olive Oil™ High Calcium/Potassium Whole Salt™ Immulyn™ Litter Lite™ Maintenance™ Marine Lipids™ Mega C™ Menstruphen™ Mother's Milk™ Natural Deodorant Spray™ Nature Cleanse™ Nature's Relief™ Nephurol™ Neuridone™ NSF Spectrum™ Nurture™ Nutri-Clip™ Opthid™ Optimal Forage™ Optimal™ Orgamin™ Organic Basmati Whole Grain Rice™ Origins™ Meal-In-A-Bar™ Origins Un-Cereal™ Oxherphol™ Pancidrim™ Panzyme™ PDG™ Peanut Butter Plus™ Pepper Plus™ Pepzhac™ Pet Inoculant™ Pet Spray™ pH Indicator Tape Probiodent™ Probiosyn™ Prost ase™Rabbit Au Jus™ Raw Trail Mix™ Respitone™ Safe-T-Suds™ - Dish Soap & Degreaser Salad™Senior™ Somniquil™ Soothing Relief™ Spectrox™ Super Flour ™ Synorgon™ Tegusol™ Turkey Au Jus™ Uretic™ Vegan™ Venison Au Jus™ Vitality™ WellSpring™ Whole Food Concentrate™ Whole Salt™ Whole Soy™ Wild Things™ Wysong Bar Soap™ Wysong Conditioners™ Wysong Ergonomic Insole™ Wysong Natural Honey™ Wysong Otisol™ Wysong Product Monograph Book Wysong Shampoo & Conditioner-in-One™ Wysong Shampoos™ Zymase™