Wysong True Non-Thermal Raw Dog Food & Treats

Our True Non-Thermal    Never heated above 118° Fahrenheit at any stage of production. raw dog food line is designed and formulated in accordance with nature. Unrivaled by any other raw    Be aware of fraudulent and misleading "just like raw," and "provides key nutritional benefits of raw" type claims. Please review our article, "Raw Pet Food Deceptions Exposed." There simply is no equivalent substitute for truly raw foods. dog foods available, these diets represent the least compromise from the natural raw canine diet. Wysong True Non-Thermal products are shelf stable and safe,    True Non-Thermal meats are made safe and shelf stable through proprietary Wysong manufacturing processes. Products are pathogen tested prior to release from Wysong. superior to raw frozen diets,    Please see our article, "The Case Against Raw Frozen Pet Foods" for more information.