Fish Oil in Pet Foods

I just heard on some of these [fish oil supplements] have cancer causing products, does yours?

With regard to fish oils, we work in accordance with the highest international standards and all suppliers are ISO 9002 certified. Fish oils are derived from remote, non-polluted geographical locations and strict regulations based on years of experience and research are key factors that contribute to the purity and effectiveness of Wysong materials.

But of course it is important to understand that there are no foods, natural or otherwise, that are free from any or all potential toxicity. Even water and oxygen are toxic at high enough doses. So the issue with regard to food safety is more about dosage, not presence or absence of potential toxins.

All ingredients contain some level of toxins. For example, ethoxyquin and DDT are found in virtually all animal and human tissues. Laboratories have verified our fish oil source to contain very low and safe levels of heavy metals and organic contaminants based on the standards set by the Council For Responsible Nutrition and the Natural Health Products Directorate.

Our oils undergo a gentle refining process. Over-refining oil can deplete the oil of its natural nutrients; a gentle refining process ensures stable oil that can be stored up to two years without becoming rancid. During the refining process, unwanted organochloro- and organophosporated pesticides (including herbicides and insecticides) and heavy metals are reduced to trace amounts. In addition, our oils are bleached by means of Fuller's earth (natural clay) to remove oxidation elements such as peroxide and acid levels that in turn stabilizes the oil against further oxidation. Due to their high degree of polyunsaturates, edible oils containing omega-3s are exceptionally prone to oxidation. Bleaching is therefore essential in maintaining the quality and nutritional value.

If used in accordance with the Optimal Health Program™ - with special attention paid to the principle of rotation and variety--Wysong supplements are safe and highly beneficial.
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