Garlic in Pet Foods

Our reasons for including garlic in Wysong pet foods are myriad.

Garlic has been shown in clinical studies to have antioxidant, anti-tumor, antimicrobial, anticoagulant, immunostimulant, and antihepatotoxic (liver) capabilities (to name a few). Further, it also has been found to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, prevent cancer, treat diarrhea, provide folic acid, and it is an excellent source of beneficial oligosaccharides (prebiotics).

There are numerous articles out there regarding the toxicity of Garlic in dogs and cats. The toxicity of Garlic, or anything for that matter, is dose-dependent. In many cases that which is toxic at a certain dose is beneficial at another. Beneficial levels of garlic are used in Wysong pet diets.

Wysong pet diets are the result of many years of research seeking the most beneficial natural ingredients. Ingredients have been selected based upon the weight of scientific and traditional experience in their use.
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