Lecithin in Pet Foods

Could you please tell me the source of the lecithin that is listed in the Wysong Geriatrx™ dry cat food? I am attempting to eliminate all soy products from my cat's diet & have recently discovered that lecithin is most often extracted from soy.

Our lecithin comes from a variety of grain, legume, and animal sources. In some formulas soy could be a source.

Before abandoning lecithin, please do a search on the Internet plugging in something like "lecithin health benefits." Note that lecithin is critical for neurological health and is a part of virtually every cell membrane in the body. On the other hand, see if you can find one scientific study that demonstrates that lecithin fed in variety at reasonable levels - whether from soy or not - has ever caused harm to animal or man. Our foods are designed by doctorate-level scientists and have been fed to tens of thousands of animals through multiple generations for nearly 30 years with fantastic results, and NO reports of toxicity.

Be careful of the myths and lore that pervade the pet food marketplace.

Remember, anything can be toxic if in high enough dosage and fed continuously. Even oxygen and water can be toxic. The dose makes the poison. Follow the Wysong Optimal Health Program™ if health is your objective. Feeding a singular food that does not contain soy or any of the other popular boogeyman ingredients that are being promoted by marketers will not achieve pet health.
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