Montmorillonite Clay in Pet Foods

Montmorillonite (also called Chelamin composted sea vegetation) as used in Wysong products is a special geological mineral composition that provides over 74 organically-chelated trace minerals. It is mined directly from ancient composted sea vegetation and fresh sea kelp. Because it is taken from the Earth in its unaltered state, the balance of minerals in montmorillonite clay matches exactly that which is found in nature. The unique, uplifted geologic formation from which it is derived is an organic, pre-industrial source that assures its freedom from modern pollutants. Inorganic minerals which are non-organically complexed (non-chelated), as are commonly used in conventional supplements, must first be chelated within the body in order to be properly absorbed. Chelation allows for the mineral's easy passage through the intestinal wall into the blood, resulting in increased mineral absorption. Improper conditions or lack of appropriate ligands in the digestive tract (organic molecules which protect the mineral from entering unwanted chemical reactions) can result in highly reduced mineral absorption even though adequate amounts have been consumed.

Wysong montmorillonite provides a naturally balanced source of an incredibly wide array of minerals, which helps assure a complete trace mineral intake without creating potential deficiencies or toxicities that can occur from consuming isolated minerals or other nutrients.
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