Salt in Pet Foods

Wysong salt is comprised of whole rock salt and sea vegetation (both fresh and derived from ancient geologic sea bed deposits), which contains dozens of trace minerals commonly deficient in modern human and animal processed diets. Wysong salt is not refined table salt and is not added to increase sodium levels or as a flavor enhancer. It is used for its bounty of health benefits. This product is also sold as a stand alone product by Wysong and is known as Wysong Whole Salt™. It can be found on our website under Human Products, Seasonings (it comes in regular and garlic). We are required to list it as "salt" because we are limited by the definitions and terms based on AAFCO regulations. However, this is not normal commercial, refined, and arguably toxic table salt. It is the natural salt that was once traded around the world with the value of gold. Wysong prefers to use natural ingredients to supply essential nutrients. Nothing is used as a filler or additive. Every ingredient in Wysong products is carefully chosen to create good nutrition.

Here is an article for further reading regarding salt:
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