How to Rotate Wysong Pet Diets

Wysong recommends rotating through all of our pet diets to help provide healthy variety. Use the same principles you use when choosing your own meals. An example would be to feed a certain canned food at one meal, Archetype™ at the next, a dry Wysong kibble at the next and a different Wysong kibble at the following.

Fresh food meals can be alternated or mixed with the above meals. There is no set way any more than your meals are set. Variety and rotation are the keys to good health. One packaged food in a bowl day after day is a definite no-no. Variety, healthy cat and dog supplements, fresh foods and intelligent selection with an eye to quality (not marketing) is critical. Rotation is now made even easier with Wysong's Epigen™ Canned Diets for both canines and felines.

What do you mean by Diet Rotation?

Wysong Diets are designed to be rotated and fed to all life stages regardless of the name of the diet. The diets are named very loosely as a general guideline. Remember animals in the wild would have the same foods available regardless of age. In the wild, variation in diet results from seasonal availability of foods and other factors. There is no evidence that animals in the wild eat different diets based on their age. All Wysong pet foods, regardless of their names, can be fed with great benefit cycled into this feeding rotation. Feline food can be fed to canine, growth to seniors, ferret food to feline, etc. You could also rotate with any of the Wysong feline or canine/feline diets. Once adjusted to one Wysong Diet, you should be able to rotate freely from one Wysong Diet to another without transitioning delays.
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