How to Transition to Wysong Pet Foods

Over a period of 15 days, mix Wysong with the present pet diet beginning at about 10% and then gradually increasing proportions based on your animals' tolerance.

If difficulty arises, return to a smaller percentage and try again. Due to Wysong's highly concentrated, unique, natural nutritional formulation, animals that have been previously fed a commercial diet often have lower concentrations of the necessary digestive enzymes and bacteria needed to digest a more natural diet, such as Wysong. This sometimes causing digestive upset in the beginning. It often takes time for their digestive tracts to rebuild these natural digestive tools. Patience is the key. Some animals take longer to adjust than others, which can be up to a month or more. As with any new food it should be introduced gradually as indicated above.

Wysong recommends that any healthy pet feeding regimen consists of not only base dry or canned diets, but also fresh foods, Wysong TNT™ raw cat and dog foods, and Wysong cat and dog supplements.

Diet rotation and variety is paramount. Wysong diets are of the utmost quality, but no pet food should be fed exclusively.
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