What Wysong Pet Diets to Begin With?

In addition to the very general recommendations below, fresh foods, Wysong TNT™ raw cat food and dog food such as Archetype™ and Dream Treats™, and Wysong Epigen canned diets, and other Wysong holistic dog food and healthy cat food diets are also appropriate and recommended for dogs and cats of all life stages. Like other processed pet foods, Wysong natural pet foods can be considered "100% complete and balanced " and are time tested, proven, and excellent foods for your pet. Nevertheless, they are merely a starting point and we adamantly suggest fresh and varied feeding as the best (and only) path to true pet health. No matter how good a pet food is, it should never be fed exclusively.

Remember, the listings below are just starting points/base diets, and Wysong strongly recommends the rotation of pet diets and the addition of fresh foods. Supplementation with Wysong cat and dog supplements is also recommended for optimal pet health.

Starting points for a varied Wysong pet feeding plan:
Adult DogAdult™, Synorgon™
Pregnant/Lactating - Growth™, Synorgon™
Senior DogSenior™, Anergen™
Adult CatVitality™, Uretic™
Pregnant/Lactating - Nurture™, Vitality™
Senior CatGeriatrx™, Anergen™

Still need help choosing the right food for your pet? Check out Wysong’s Optimal Health Program™, or our recommendations for Pet Health Problem Guide.
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