Reusing Wysong Pet Food Packaging

The most environmentally responsible thing to do with regard to packaging is to (in order from most to least responsible):
  1. Use less of it
  2. Reuse that which you have
  3. Recycle when it can no longer be used
For further information on Wysong packaging and Nutri-Paks™, see our article entitled "Healthy Packaging." Please keep in mind that when packaging is used for food, the packaging that best protects nutrients and prevents formation of toxins must be the first choice. In some cases the ideal nutritional package may not be readily recycled.

Since Wysong's packaging is designed health-first, some of the materials used in our packaging are not readily recycled. We have received numerous creative ideas for how the Wysong packaging can be reused.

Foil Wysong Nutri-Paks™

(As of now our Nutri-Paks™ are not recyclable . Please try to reuse them to decrease purchasing other packaging, or follow the innovative suggestions below for great ideas!)

"I wash them out and store foods in the foil bags and seal them with the Wysong Nutri-Clip™. They seem to last forever and I don't have to buy as many ziplocks and plastic wraps." — J.G., Ohio

"If you cut the foil bags along the side so they lie flat, put them around the house where you want to stop weed growth and throw mulch over them." — C.W., Georgia

"I opened up the bags, and after I accumulated several I laid them loosely over the insulation in my garage attic. What a difference that made!" — R.E., Minnesota

"They are great freezer bags, just taped shut tightly." — J.J., Louisiana


(These are readily recyclable, but please try to re-use them first.)

"The boxes are heavy enough to lug a lot of things. The hand holes in the side sure make them easy to carry." — M.E., Indiana

"It's what I use to store out-of-season clothes. They stack great." — T.M., Nebraska


(Only the paper outer layers are recyclable, not the inner plastic coated layer. As a last resort, if they cannot be reused, remove the outer paper layers and recycle.)

"The large 50 lb. Equine bags are great for buying bulk seeds and fertilizer from the feed store." — K.L., Illinois

"Instead of buying plastic bags, I use these for yard refuse and garbage." — K.K., Alabama


(The plastic pails and buckets used for our healthy Dog Biscuits™ and Archetype Burgers™ are made of recyclable plastic - #5 for the Dog Biscuits™ and #2 for Archetype Burgers™. But there are a number of great uses around the house, and they can even be accumulated and returned to Wysong for reuse.

"After washing the pails, I use them for dried grain storage for my breadmaking." — G.L., Oregon

"The Burger containers are the answer to organizing my shop. They're big enough to hold all my sorted bolts and large screws and lags. I also carry my birdseed out to the backyard feeders in my reused buckets." — R. L., California

"My kitchen cupboards are filled with these nifty containers. They clean up nice, are easily labeled with a Sharpie pen and look like they are on purpose, not just recycled junk." — F. G., New Mexico
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