Why Wysong Pet Foods Are Not Always Uniform

Wysong uses predominantly unprocessed natural ingredients. The finished product does not necessarily always end up perfectly formed, consistent in appearance, and homogenous. Similarly, no two apples, or two steaks are ever exactly alike. Natural ingredients vary in characteristics and appearance. A more gentle approach to processing (less milling, refinement, etc.) permits these inconsistencies to appear in the end product.

If a finished product lacks variation entirely, then that is an indication of artificial influence. For example, compare white bread to whole grain seed and nut bread, or granola to Kix.

Wysong has been manufacturing natural food products for 35 years, and some inconsistency in product form and appearance can always be present. These aesthetic inconsistencies are not detrimental to pet health. On the contrary, Wysong foods have created health, not harm, in hundreds of thousands of companion animals through multiple generations.
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