Wysong Pet Foods Preservation Methods

All Wysong products are stabilized from degradation with our natural preservative, Oxherphol™. This potent antioxidant consists of vitamin E tocopherol epimers, fat-soluble vitamin C, organic chelators, and natural botanical oleoresins like rosemary and sage. Tests have proven it to be more effective than most chemical preservatives, especially with regard to fatty acid oxidation.

Also, Wysong diets are made fresh to order and not warehoused. They are quickly packaged and shipped after processing and not bulk stored and packaged later. This prevents oxygen and light degradation. When packaged, the product is voided of nutrient-destructive oxygen and sealed into our exclusively designed Nutri-Paks™, which further protect against oxygen and light degradation.

Additionally, to help keep your food as fresh as possible, you should keep Wysong products in a cool, dry, dark environment, and might even consider storing unopened packages in the freezer to further extend shelf life.
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