Natural Dry Cat Foods
    Established over 40 years ago, Wysong's natural dry cat food line has been fed to tens of thousands of cats through multiple generations with great benefits. These holistic feline diets, replete with proprietary Wysong nutritional bonuses    Probiotic cultures, enzymes, phytonutrients, nutraceuticals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and more! serve as a proven healthy foundation for any feeding regimen.
    True Non-Thermal Freezedried Diets
    Wysong raw cat-food products are manufactured with our proprietary True Non-Thermal    The non-heat proprietary manufacturing process Wysong uses in producing all raw diets. technologies, and are the safest, most genetically appropriate raw pet foods on the market. True Non-Thermal feline diets and treats are the perfect compliment to our dry and canned diets as part of your cat's varied feeding regimen.
    Healthy Canned Cat Foods
    Wysong holistic canned cat foods are comprised of natural and premium ingredients, with 95+% meat in every formula! Wysong canned diets are excellent as standalone meals, and are great for supplemental feeding    Meaning, to be fed as an adjunct to base diets and as a part of a feeding rotation. Wysong recommends no one food be fed exclusively.
    Wysong RL. Rationale for Animal Nutrition. 1993. Wysong RL. The Truth About Pet Foods, 2002
    and as a top dress to our dry feline diets as well.
    Nutritious Cat Supplements
    Wysong cat supplements provide living food elements and a spectrum of nutrients to optimize health. Many modern conventional cat foods are not genetically appropriate, The genetically appropriate diet for all carnivore companion animals is a diet high in meat and fat, and low in starches/carbohydrates. and are devoid of the critically important living food components found in natural, raw foods. Wysong feline supplements add beneficial nutrients back to your pet's food, and restore many vital food components Enzymes and probiotics, and unadulterated, fully composed vitamins & minerals. lost during processing.
    Cat Grooming & Care Products
    Wysong offers a variety of excellent cat care products, including natural shampoos and soaps.