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Established in 1979, Wysong Corporation is a true pioneer of natural, healthy pet foods and holistic pet care & nutrition. To this day, we are a family company that puts principle ahead of market.

Wysong pet nutritional products have been fed to tens of thousands of pets through multiple generations for over 40 years with remarkable health results.

We view pet nutrition as a serious health matter, not a mere opportunity for profit. Thus our natural dog food, cat food, and other pet products are developed in-house and produced in our own manufacturing facilities. We are not the typical pet food company consisting of marketers that outsource manufacturing and expertise. Our staying power in an industry filled with multi-billion dollar corporate conglomerates is a function of our history of real innovation, product quality, health results, and an incredible customer base.

Wysong develops state of the art, nutraceutically enhanced healthy dog food, natural cat food, ferret food, and pet supplements with a view to long term prevention and staving off the long-latency diseases pets often fall victim to. Wysong also offers a variety of carnivorous raw cat and dog foods, as well as pet health supplements designed to help your pet live a healthy life.

Wysong pet products have been fed to tens of thousands of pets through multiple generations for almost forty years with remarkable health benefits. Our healthy dog and cat food products have helped thousands of pet owners provide the healthy food their dogs, cats or other pets need.

We maintain two preeminent goals:

#1 To arm pet owners with the knowledge needed to make sound nutritional and health decisions for their pets - pet health and nutrition information is perhaps our best product and we make it free to you.

#2 To provide natural and holistic pet foods and pet nutritional products scientifically formulated and painstakingly manufactured and packaged for health optimization.

Our vast collection of customer testimonials has one common overriding theme - Wysong Works!

We wish you and your companion animals the very best of health.

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