Combining Raw Foods and Wysong Pet Diets

We do recommend feeding Wysong Diets intermittently and in combination with fresh, raw foods including Wysong TNT™ raw cat and dog foods. Variety is the key to health.

For those feeding a raw diet, you can utilize the Call of the Wild™ cat and dog supplement, which is designed to balance the fresh meat portion of a homemade diet. It supplies fresh ground bone and other natural sources of calcium to balance the phosphorous in the meat. It also supplies necessary organ meat, fats, connective tissue proteoglycans, vitamins, minerals, beneficial enzymes, probiotics, and phytonutrients in proportions found in natural prey.

You can provide variety conveniently when raw meat is not at hand with Wysong TNT™ raw cat and dog foods, or Au Jus™ canned diets. Archetype™ and all of our TNT™ diets, provide an easy way to really get those raw natural elements to your pet without requiring a lot of fuss in the kitchen or when you have time constraints. Other supplements to emphasize when feeding fresh and raw foods would be Wild Things™ (fresh/dried veggies, fruit, and more), EFA™ (essential fatty acids) and Pet Inoculant™ (concentrated probiotic supplement).

Often, individuals question giving vegetables to their companion animals as treats or complements to meals. Although some companion animals, like humans, cannot digest cellulose, vegetables have much nutritional value aside from the indigestible part. For example, fresh vegetables provide vitamins, essential amino acids, and antioxidants. Each individual animal is unique, however, and some may not readily eat raw vegetables. All you can do is offer a variety and see what happens. Lightly steaming them will sometimes make them more appealing as well. You can also provide the raw green nutrients in the form of a healthy, edible grass such as found in our Wild Things™ cat and dog supplement.

Detailed descriptions of raw feeding can be found in Dr. Wysong's book, The Truth About Pet Foods, and by incorporating ideas from the Wysong Optimal Health Program™ and the other abundant information found on this site. You may also want to read our free brochure, "How To Apologize to Your Pet" for more ideas.
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