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The Truth About Pet Foods

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A groundbreaking book exposing the dangerous myths of today’s pet food industry.

For more than fifty years people have been filling their pets’ bowls with processed foods. This is done with full confidence that manufacturers have things all figured out. After all, the label says, "100% complete and balanced."

It would seem that the case is closed on pet nutrition. But this exposé, by a veterinary surgeon, clinician, teacher, researcher, and food scientist, tells another story. Pets exclusively fed processed foods are in jeopardy. Untold thousands of animals have suffered disease and death at the hands of this modern feeding practice. Neither nutritionists tweaking percentages, so-called "natural" foods, or eliminating boogeyman ingredients have solved the disaster.

Such disease—cancer, arthritis, obesity, dental degeneration, and so on—is not always immediate, but rather insidious and progressive. So the cause—singularly fed processed food—is not identified as the culprit it is. The tragedy is that modern degenerative diseases are not only largely preventable, but in many cases reversible by simple dietary and life-style changes.

In an easily read format, Dr. Wysong explains what’s wrong and what to do to take control of pet health. Along the way, readers will learn how to better care for their own and their family’s health as well.

This is a provocative, no-holds-barred look at one of the world’s largest food industries and its regulatory sanctions. But it is fair, documented, logical, thought provoking and definitely eye opening.

The solution to the epidemic of degenerative health problems facing pets is knowledge. This important book brings that critical knowledge by unveiling to the reader what they already intuitively know but have not yet discovered... the truth about pet food.

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