Special Wysong Pet Food Features

Every consumer should ask pet food companies this question: Why should I choose your company and pet products over others? The following is, in part, Wysong's answer to that question:

The Company

Wysong was begun by a health professional (Dr. R. Wysong, DVM) with the specific purpose in mind of preventing and reversing pet disease through proper pet feeding. Our company was not begun, as essentially all others have been, by business people looking for an economic opportunity. Wysong is driven by the principle that pet nutrition is a serious health matter deserving honesty and competence. (See Nutrition Is A Serious Health Matter.) Wysong leads with what it discovers will improve health and does not merely follow market trends.

Wysong Firsts

Products That Work - For almost 30 years, Wysong has produced pet food and health direction that has created dramatic results through several generations of pets. Our extensive database of testimonials is proof of this. Customers often enthusiastically contact us describing the dramatic positive turns in health from using our natural dog food and cat food products. Logic and science provide the basis for Wysong; experience provides the proof. Wysong works!

Selflessness - Wysong educates consumers on how to feed themselves and their pets for optimal health without having to use any processed pet products, even Wysong! (A selfless act that proves the commitment to health first. See How to Apologize to Your Pet, and The Truth About Pet Foods.)

The Staff - Wysong is led by its founder, Dr. Wysong, a teacher, author, former veterinary surgeon, clinician and scientist with health, nutrition and R&D credentials and 30 years of experience in food and nutraceutical design and processing technology.

Other doctorate and graduate level researchers and scientifically educated customer support and research staff, and 250+ nationwide clinical consultants help in the creation and upgrading of products, quality assurance and customer service. (See Comparing Pet Foods, The First Study of Its Kind In The Pet Food Industry.)

Product Principles - Wysong's primary and best product is pet health education - empowering people with knowledge that permits them to take control of their pet's destiny.

Our product range is broad - human and animal because Wysong research proves that health features applicable to one species are applicable to others. Additionally, by not narrowing research to one species, Wysong stays on top of the entire scientific field.

The ideal diet is that diet for which a species is genetically designed. Wysong pet products emulate that ideal with the least compromise possible.

Wysong advocates a pet feeding philosophy and program, not a specific ingredient, product or absence of some boogeyman element. People are encouraged and guided to intelligently alternate among pet foods, use fresh food variety and incorporate appropriately designed cat and dog supplements, and raw cat and dog foods - not feed one pet food at every meal every day.

All Wysong pet foods, regardless of their names, can be fed with great benefit cycled into this feeding rotation. Feline can be fed to canine, growth to seniors, ferret food to cats, etc. The marketing concepts of breed, size or age specific diets is both illogical and without scientific proof that they are superior to natural feeding in variety.

The wide range of Wysong pet products vary from one another in ingredients to permit the greatest chance for receiving the full spectrum of nutrients and to prevent food sensitivities and allergies.

Product Features

  • Health First - Every ingredient and feature of Wysong pet products is targeted toward enhancing health. Nothing is done for show, for effect or to chase a market. If it is the right thing to do, Wysong does it. Wysong leads, not follows.
  • Variety - A wide variety of pet products is offered so that meals can be rotated and varied between dry pet dites, True non-thermally processed raw cat and dog foods, and pet supplements for both processed and raw foods.
  • Meat - All meat canned and dried pet food options.
  • Rotation - All pet diets can be rotated into meals regardless of their names. Even feline can be fed to canine and vice versa. Life-stage names such as Adult, Senior, Growth are a carryover from our early beginnings and can be used as starting points. (These names have been retained because of their long history and should not be misconstrued. Life stage feeding is a nutritional fallacy.) Growth can be fed to seniors and vice versa throughout the whole range of Wysong products. Variety is the spice of good pet nutrition and health.
  • Organic and free-range - meat products from these preferred sources are used to the degree possible and as available.
  • Meat Amount - The maximum amount of meat is used.
  • Fresh - Fresh/frozen meats are used and products are fresh batched to the degree possible.
  • The Prey Model - Wysong diets are formulated with meats and organs, as would be consumed in nature.
  • Quality Assurance - The end product is monitored carefully to prevent growth of pathogens, molds or insects.
  • Fats and Oils - Essential fatty acids including omega-3 are incorporated into the pet products as a part of the natural ingredients themselves and at safe levels as separate ingredients.
  • Preservation - Fats and oils are fresh and properly preserved with appropriate natural Wysong Oxherphol antioxidants.
  • Prevention of Degradation - Special attention is given to prevent exposure to light, heat and air - all factors which can result in oxidation and free radical formation.
  • Wysong Supersaturation - (WSS) - A proprietary Wysong method of supersaturating the fats and oils with an oxygen free atmosphere serves to further help exclude oxygen and oxidation.
  • Short Chain Interruption (SCI) - A proprietary method of incorporating short chain oils into the fats and oils to interrupt and retard the oxidation process and lend their own special and unique nutritional benefits.
  • Chelators - Natural metal chelators are used to remove minerals in food that can catalyze fat oxidation.
  • Viable Omega-3's - High levels of unsaturated oils such as omega-3 are best supplied to the diet in supplemental form (Wysong EFA) not in a packaged product that may remain on a shelf for weeks or months and oxidize and create toxins.

Product Options

  • Dry Diets (kibbles) - Extrusion to create dry pet diets requires starch for proper processing. Although extrusion generates heat, the vitiating effects of this process are minimized as much as possible. And rather than only previously dried (cooked) meat meals, Wysong uses fresh whole meats as well.
  • Canned Foods - Canned pet foods are designed to offer a wide range of meat sources including beef, chicken, turkey, venison, rabbit, duck, seafood, and liver. Because canned pet foods must be heated (retorted), cat and dog supplements comprised of natural of heat sensitive ingredients are recommended (e.g. AddLife, Call of the Wild, Wild Things, EFA, Pet Innoculant).
  • Dried Canned (TNT raw pet foods) - Wysong Archetype and UnCanny provide a canned food without the can or the water. This saves the food from the high heat canning process and permits the incorporation of raw food elements. This product is more environmentally friendly requiring less packaging, less weight for shipping - and no refrigeration is required once the package is opened. (Although refrigeration or freezing of all dried and opened canned Wysong pet products is recommended for long-term storage.) Easy portion feeding is also possible. See our entire line of TNT processed raw cat and dog foods.
  • True Non-Thermally Processed (TNT) Products - Raw foods are the ideal natural diet. Wysong TNT diets such as Archetype, Dream Treats and UnCanny contain all the benefits of the ideal raw state without the handling drawbacks of feeding fresh raw meats and organs. Wysong TNT processing is a very tedious and expensive method of pet food preparation. This method is being pioneered by Wysong because it is the safest form of raw food feeding and far superior in this regard to raw frozen foods. (See The Case Against Raw Frozen Pet Foods.) Special freezing methods and the use of natural Wyscin intelligently address concerns about food-borne pathogens in raw foods. (See Wyscin And Other Raw Food Safety Innovations At Wysong.) Archetype contains 99+% meat, and minor vegetable ingredients to simulate those that would be consumed in real prey.
  • True Non-Thermally Processed Veterinary Rx Pet Diets - Available only through or by prescription from a veterinarian. Diets are designed to address virtually every health concern. These diets incorporate non-thermal technology and state-of-the-art natural nutraceuticals and are thoroughly documented with fifty pages of scientific references and studies.


  • Why Supplement? - Heat processed pet foods lose many important nutrients. Although Wysong Pet Diets - both the extruded and canned - minimize these losses through special processing and many nutritional features such as the fresh ingredients enrobed on the dried foods. By nature these ingredients do not keep well in a packaged food that may be on shelves for months and, once opened, exposed to light and air. Wysong cat and dog supplements are intended to boost nutritional value of heat-processed foods and invigorate them with living food elements. On the other hand, raw foods fed exclusive of bone are not properly balanced with minerals. They can also contain disease-causing bacteria, parasites, viruses and molds. Wysong raw food supplements help avoid these problems.
  • AddLife & Biotics - High levels of enzymes, probiotics and other fragile food factors destroyed or altered by heat processing are best provided by stable supplements. AddLife and Biotics in effect add elements of rawness back to heat processed foods. They should be used for any canned, semi-moist or dry extruded food.
  • EFA - Separately bottled supplements of essential fatty acids (EFA-with fish oil - plant derived) provide the most stable source of fragile, highly unsaturated oils such as the omega-3s. This form permits them to be kept frozen or refrigerated and protected from light and oxygen until used. Wysong EFAs should be supplemented at least two to three times per week to all pets. (See Rationale for Nutritious Oils, Wysong Corporation.)
  • Probiosyn - High levels of viable probiotic organisms are not possible in most packaged pet foods. Although Wysong dry diets contain probiotics, Probiosyn provides high levels to help jump start healthy intestinal flora and replace those that are destroyed by medical treatments such as antibiotics. All pets should receive a probiotic boost with Probiosyn two to three times per week and more frequently if there is illness or stress. (See Rationale for Probiotic Supplementation, Wysong Corporation.)
  • Call of the Wild - Helps balance minerals and other nutrients if raw meat meals are prepared by the pet owner. It also contains Wyscin which helps protect against food-borne pathogens. (See Rationale for Probiotic Supplementation, Wysong Corporation.)
  • Wild Things - Helps balance raw meat meals with a variety of raw vegetables/fruits as they might be found in the digestive tract of prey or as incidentally browsed by carnivores in the wild.
  • Nutrient Support Formulas - Every health and disease condition can benefit from specifically designed nutritional supplements. NSFs have been scientifically designed and are state-of-the-art nutraceuticals. They can also be used in conjunction with Wysong Veterinary Rx Pet Diets.

Packaging - It serves no purpose to carefully prepare a pet food of the best ingredients only to have it degrade and convert to toxins on the way to and in the feeding bowl. That is the dilemma of all packaged pet foods and is the reason Wysong encourages fresh food feeding whenever possible. The real fresh thing right from the meat, dairy or produce counter is what your pet needs, at least occasionally, for health. But we live busy lives and convenience is important. Packaged pet foods fill that need but few of them properly address packaging concerns. A great alternative are our Wysong TNT processed raw cat and dog foods.

  • Nutripaks - Nutritious food is by nature perishable. The more nutritious, the more perishable. Wysong NutriPaks address this issue by oxygen- and light-barrier bags that are flushed free of degrading oxygen. (See Healthy Packaging). Portion packaging (small bags in a box) permits only opening what will be quickly used. Wysong Nutri-clips permit secure sealing of pet food packages when opened.
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