Why are Wysong Pet Food Bags Small?

The small bags in the Wysong Nutri-Pak System greatly enhance the nutritional stability of the fragile and healthy Wysong ingredients. Although some customers would prefer larger bags--and it would certainly be less costly and more efficient from a production standpoint--nutritional compromise is not what Wysong is about. By keeping unused product in sealed bags oxidative stability (oxidation toxins created in air exposed foods causes free-radical pathology) is greatly increased. By using the Wysong Nutri-Clips to seal the open bags they are also well protected. People would not buy their breakfast cereal or bread in 50 lb. boxes even though these foods are more stable than complex pet foods. The same common sense should be applied to choosing pet food packaging.

Why Are Nutri-Pak Sizes Small Q&A

Why does much of your food packaging come in small sizes? Wouldn't it be more economical and environmentally friendly to offer a bulk size?

At Wysong, we too wrestle with the waste of packaging and are troubled by it. At the same time we must serve the primary goal of protecting health, which the Nutri-Paks do extremely well. Please keep in mind that when packaging is used for food, the packaging that best protects nutrients and prevents formation of toxins must be the first choice. At this time we do not feel a bulk container would protect the product properly. Additionally there would then be the dilemma of bulk containers to dispose of.

Please see our article entitled Reusing Packaging for ideas on how you can reuse Wysong Nutri-Paks.
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