Wysong Pet Food Can Linings

Our cans do contain trace amounts of BPA. The amount of BPA that is present in the can is less than 20 parts per billion. This means for canned food, your pet would have to consume 500 pounds, or 500 cans of canned food per day, for it to be above the safe daily intake level. These are the same cans that you buy people food in at your local markets. The purpose of the lining is to prevent the food from contacting the metal of the can. Can suppliers are working with their suppliers along with the FDA to manufacture larger cans that are for commercial use. Can manufactures do presently have a BPA free lining but it is not as safe and tested as the current lining, and is not available for use.

The can linings that are used in Wysong canned pet foods are in compliance with the standards set by the FDA. The materials are approved for high temperature heat sterilization. The material films and adjuvants are either prior sanctioned, GRAS, subject to a FCN, or conform to FDA regulations. There have been tests conducted on certain BPA-free linings, particularly BADGE, but the results of these tests were inconclusive because a true scientific method was not employed. More information about BPA can be found on the FDA's and CMI (cancentral.com) Can Manufacture institute websites.

There are risks associated with any processed foods, and even unprocessed foods, if fed exclusively. If foods are given to animals on a rotational basis as part of an IV (intermittent and varied) diet with fresh fruits and vegetables and raw meats as we recommend, then any possible toxins from food ingredients or can linings won't have the chance to accumulate.

Please also see: Toxins: http://www.wysong.net/pet-health-and-nutrition/wysong-products-and-toxins.php.
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