Wysong Pet Foods Processing Methods

COLD TNT™ (True Non-Thermal) PROCESSING: The only processing method that does not destroy important raw natural food attributes. Used for all Wysong TNT™ raw cat and dog foods.

Raw fresh/frozen meats are acquired from trusted domestic suppliers, and stored in our on-site -20 degree freezer to kill potential parasites. The meats are then blended with beneficial micronutrients such as probiotics, enzymes, and nutraceuticals. Antioxidants are incorporated to maintain product stability and provide nutraceutical effects.

The blended meats are prepared for freezedrying through unique proprietary methods that inhibit pathogens, then, by batch, subjected to a vacuum environment for two days where nearly all of the moisture within the meats is extracted. Within the vacuum environment the meats are kept below 118 Fahrenheit, which is the temperature at which fragile food elements such as enzymes are compromised and lost. The finished product is packaged in an oxygen and light barrier package that is nitrogen flushed to remove oxygen. The end result is a raw, dried, and pathogen-free tested, shelf stable raw product.

WHOLE INGREDIENT STORAGE: Grains and legumes are not ground until ready for processing and therefore do not begin degradation before processing. For example, wheat can lose up to 40% of some nutrients within 12 hours of milling.

NATURAL INSECT CONTROL: Stored ingredients are enrobed with a special non-toxic Wysong desiccated plankton, which not only suppresses insect infestation, but is a nutrient as well.

MOLD AND MYCOTOXIN TESTED AND NEUTRALIZED: Mycotoxins are an insidious poison potentially present in all dried foods. Wysong not only tests for these toxins, but incorporates nutrients that bind and neutralize them if present.

SPROUTING: The only processing method that actually increases micronutrient levels.

EXTRUSION: Dry, wet, and steam injected extrusion of ingredients maximizes nutritional value. Fresh meat and vegetable injection into the extruder, rather than preprocessed, dried, and rendered products simply mixed with grains and then extruded. Extrusion monitoring to achieve optimal cooking (gelatinization – makes plant starches digestible) of grains, inactivation of anti-nutritional factors, and protection of nutritional value. Fats and oils are micro-bubbled™ with nitrogen to purge oxygen, and are stabilized with Wysong Oxherphol™.

STORAGE: Fragile ingredients are kept in cold storage or in oxygen-free containers until processed.

DRYING: Performed effectively to reduce moisture to prevent deterioration and maintain nutritional value.

ENROBING: Fragile, heat-sensitive ingredients such as enzymes, essential fatty acids, probiotics, and certain vitamins are incorporated after the completion of processing.

FRESH BATCHING: Products are not mass-produced and warehoused, but rather made fresh to order as much as possible.


Wysong Processing Methods/General Pet Food Processing Q&A

I heard an ad on television that said their pet food was steamed, do you steam yours?

That claim is a bit misleading. For one, steaming has no particular merit. It is still cooking at temperatures way above where many nutrients, such as enzymes, can be preserved. Secondly, they are probably referring to extrusion processing which is commonly used by almost all manufacturers. Steam can be injected into the barrel of an extruder and steam is created when ingredients are heated as they move through the barrel. But what is actually happening in an extruder barrel is high temperature and hundreds of pounds per square inch of pressure. It is not the quaint and gentle process that 'steaming' implies.

I'm a little hesitant to use your TNT™ processed raw pet foods. I see one company says they slow bake. Is that the next best thing to raw?

Nope. It's actually one of the most destructive forms of cooking. It sounds gentle and kind but is not. If cooking is used, high temperature and short time (HTST) is the best method to preserve nutrition. That is the method used in all of the Wysong dried kibbles (Maintenance™, Vitality™, etc.). Your fear of raw pet foods is unfounded. Please review the following articles:

Wyscin™ and Other Raw Pet Food Safety Innovations at Wysong

Should You Feed Raw To Your Pet?

Remember, if pet health is the goal you must return your pets, as much as possible, to nature. This means feeding raw, natural foods. No creature on the planet cooks its food - except humans. Humans do it because they think they are smarter than nature. You be the judge on that absurdity.

Are your TNT™ processed pet foods the same as other freeze-dried products I see?

Not really. Commercial freeze-dry products in the market are generally heated in processing in order to get the product from the frozen state to the dry state. Understand that just because a product is freeze-dried does not mean that it is necessarily raw. Consumers are mislead into believing they are getting raw products when they often are not.

In contrast, the Wysong objective is to provide a truly raw product that never exceeds maximum tolerable temperatures that preserve enzymes and other nutrients. We employ incredibly high vacuum, and our process requires days, while other freeze-drying methods require hours. We also have our own state of the art processing facility so we can control these parameters whereas others farm their processing out to manufacturers that have speed and production efficiency as primary concerns. The difference in our methods can also be noted in the incredible palatability of the Wysong raw cat and dog foods and the healthful results they create.
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