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The Cholesterol Myth
Believe it to Your Peril

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In 1923 President Harding died of a heart attack. The disease was so uncommon that doctors had difficulty with the diagnosis. How could this be? People up to that time were eating fat, eggs, lard, butter, and other high cholesterol foods with gusto.

Today, atherosclerotic heart disease is the number one killer. This is in spite of every attempt to vilify cholesterol as the culprit. People by the millions now attempt to rid the diet of fat and cholesterol, have their blood cholesterol regularly checked, monitor ratios of HDL and LDL, and make cholesterol lowering medications number one sellers. Obliviously, heart disease continues its epidemic march.

Clearly, something does not add up. In this eye-opening book, Dr. Wysong sets aside the politically correct view of cholesterol as villain and brings to bear common sense and an array of scientific and medical facts.

Here you will learn that not only is cholesterol not your enemy and not the cause of heart disease, but rather it is a vital component of healthy metabolism. Every second of every day the body is busily synthesizing this essential component of health and life. Ignoring this fact and instead focusing on cholesterol as the enemy can mean disease and death, not life and health.

Once the cholesterol myth is set aside and the facts examined, the true cause of heart disease becomes clear. The reversal and prevention of heart disease is as simple as coming to understand and respecting the body’s natural processes and supporting them with simple lifestyle and nutritional changes.

This book can save your life.
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