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Equine E.F.A.

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Essential Fatty Acids Horse Supplement

Wysong Equine EFA is an essential fatty acids supplement for horses containing naturally stabilized, cold processed omega-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids.

Essential fatty acids are known to help overall health, skin and hair condition, as well as enhance disease resistance. Visible evidence is a healthy, shiny, hair coat and healthy skin.

Essential fatty acids are extremely fragile once extracted from their natural source - light, heat, and air are all enemies. Thus, Wysong Equine EFA is carefully prepared through gentle, cold processing methods and then packaged in light-impervious, nitrogen-flushed (oxygen excluded) bottles.

Additionally, a special Wysong antioxidant made from herbs and Vitamin E epimers helps to stabilize the fatty acids against damaging and harmful oxidation.
Cold Pressed Soybean Oil, Cold Pressed Flax Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, High Oleic Safflower Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Wysong Oxherphol™ (A Natural Antioxidant Consisting of Vitamin E Tocopherol Epimers, Fat-Soluble Vitamin C, Organic Chelators, and Natural Botanical Oleoresins).


One Tablespoon Contains:
  • Stearidonic Acid 0.017 g (Ω 3)
  • Palmitic Acid 1.361 g (s.f.a.)
  • Stearic Acid 0.553 g (s.f.a.)
  • Oleic Acid 3.884 g (Ω 9)
  • Linoleic Acid 6.308 g (Ω 6)
  • Linolenic Acid 1.786 g (Ω 3)
  • GLA (gamma linoleic acid) 0.075 g (Ω 6)
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