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Lipid Nutrition
Understanding fats and oils in health and disease.

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Fats in foods and fat on the body have become national obsessions. Increasing research is now showing complex and far-reaching relationships between lipid (fat and oil) consumption and a wide range of health concerns. With each new discovery there is controversy between belief, disbelief, and overbelief.

To the public or average professional, the rapid influx of information related to health and nutrition may seem impossible to sort through. This is to be expected since even the most informed of researchers cannot keep adequately abreast. Herein lies the value in Dr. Wysong’s book. He has done the homework for us. Lipid Nutrition skillfully assembles detailed information from the most current research, combines this with simple reasonings and wisdom to give answers and guidance of excellent practicality.

Lipid Nutrition is more than a book which teaches current understandings of the role of fats and oils in health and disease. It is also more than just another diet book with new claims about another nutrient that is either the fountain of youth or an insidious poison lurking in our food supply. It is more a book of reasoning and common sense.

This book will also help the reader appreciate the relationship between nutrition and environmental concerns. Our food is part of the environment upon which we depend, as much as the air, water, land, sun and biota. Pollute our larger environment, and the Earth is in jeopardy; pollute or otherwise vitiate our food and our bodies are in jeopardy. Dr. Wysong helps us to see that everything is intertwined and that respect for natural balances is critical.

Read carefully. Lipid Nutrition can be one of those rare books which replaces the reading of dozens of others.
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