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Rationale for Animal Nutrition
An interview with Dr. R.L. Wysong.

Rationale for Animal Nutrition is the seminal book that started the natural pet food movement.

Most controversial topics in animal nutrition and health have not been adequately examined. Rationale for Animal Nutrition addresses these critical issues by capturing the fascinating views and experience of Dr. Wysong.

Although nutrition is thought to be a completed science, it is not, neither in theory nor practice. Rationale for Animal Nutrition addresses the incorrect ideas and unsettled issues, and goes far beyond the standard, protein-builds-muscle and vitamin-A-is-good-for-the-eyes, nutritional pabulum.

Dr. Wysong’s experience in veterinary surgery and medicine, nutritional and food science research, and building and running food manufacturing facilities gives him the ‘in the trenches’ insight to take issue with a wide variety of common nutritional givens. These are some of the myths he challenges:

• Processed packaged pet foods are "100% complete and balanced"
• Synthetic nutrients are the same as natural
• Better digestibility equals better food
• Supplementing commercial pet foods is dangerous
• NRC requirements are well founded in fact
• A food’s merit can be determined by its list of ingredients or analyses
• Foods in paper bags can have a six month or greater shelf-life
• Modern nutrition is better than that of our ancestors
• More technology and more medicine will mean less disease
• Science knows what nutrients we require

Dr. Wysong gives readers fundamental, philosophic understandings of their place—and that of their companion animals—in the natural order of things. This empowers people with the insight needed to make independent, healthful decisions when confronting the confusing and dangerous commercial marketplace.

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