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The Synorgon Diet
How to achieve healthy weight in a world of excess.

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Once in a while there is a book that obsoletes all its contemporaries and predecessors. Dr. Wysong’s Synorgon Diet is such a book. It provides the philosophic filter through which all other diet plans will be understood and judged.

The Synorgon Diet is the definitive answer for achieving and maintaining healthy weight. If you think the present epidemic of obesity is a result of eating too much, little exercise, lack of self-discipline or that people are simply victims of metabolic disorders, you are partly right but mostly wrong. These things are symptoms of the problem, but not the cause.

Understanding is the key to any solution. Obesity is no exception. Yet modem diet approaches not only do not create understanding, an essential element in any behavioral modification, but actually compound the problem by perpetuating myths and half truths, and promising quick and easy cures.

Much like the correct combination can open the vault door to a trove of riches, the synorgon understanding opens the door to healthy weight and a new life of vitality riches.

You’ll learn:
• How to lose weight without dieting
• That the cause of diet lose-regain cycles is not you. but a fundamental flaw in almost all diet programs
• Secrets of prehistory that are essential for healthy weight today
• Why excess weight is not a private matter
• The real dangers in modern processed foods which are being kept secret
• Fats and oils in the diet that are essential to your diet success
• A kind of exercise that is essential
• A one-day diet plan that guarantees success
• Why your understanding of such things as pollution, recycling, and deforestation is required
• Natural foods that can rai e your metabolic rate so you burn more calories while at rest
• How to turn off a powerful but little known physiological obesity switch
• Why obesity is nonexistent in wild human and animal populations
• Hundreds of foods you can eat all you want of and not become obese
• ... and much more to empower you with control over your own weight and health destiny.
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